Wednesday, 24 November 2010


That's what Noah says when he's done something he considers amazing or clever.  I've finished the first of my home-made garden lights and I'm a little bit happy with myself.

I first saw these lights in a home magazine a few years ago and thought they were a really simple wonderful idea.  I promptly went on to have a baby and simply not have time to think about such creative endeavours.

Over the weekend my Mum and I went to an open garden in my street (A lady in my street opens her beautiful garden twice a year and charges entry plus sells morning/afternoon tea to raise money for Battens disease which 2 of her granddaughters have.  She is an amazing lady.  Unfortunately one of the girls recently passed away.)

She had several of these in her garden and I got re-inspired.  The I opened the Christmas issue of Better Homes and Garden and there they were again – I couldn’t ignore them this time so I set off to Bunnings on Monday morning and purchased all my supplies.

This is what I started with (works out to about $30 for 1 complete light but it would be less if you had some old hanging baskets laying around you could just spray them silver).  Can't wait to see how it looks all lit up tonight.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share my Advent calendar I've made for Noah - just got to finish it!!!


  1. Wow, they're wonderful. I subscribe to BHG but never really had the courage to do a project. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Ooooh! Now you'll have to show us a photo of how fabulous they look when they're all lit up! Dying to see!


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