Thursday, 11 November 2010


And the award for worst mother goes to........Me.

Guess who left a Stanley knife on the kitchen table??  Guess which two year old found it and cut his finger playing with it??

In my defence they are usually stored in a high cupboard but I was still using it so it had not been put away yet.  Secondly the blade was down and I had used the lock. Thirdly I only left it unattended for 5 minutes and it was in a pile of junk right in the middle of the table.

The kid is just too smart and adventurous what can I say.  Luckily it only resulted in a small(ish) cut.  I'm so lucky - it could have been way way worse.  I don't even like to think about the possibilities.  Lesson learned.

Have your toddlers had any near misses??

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