Saturday, 18 December 2010


Vodafone contacted me about 2 weeks ago and asked me to be part of a blog challenge.  They are launching amazing new phone plans called Infinite - so the challenge is to post a blog answering the question 'What would you like to have infinite of?' It seemed like such an easy question - we were driving along so Rob and I discussed it and tried to come up with just the right angle.  The first thing that I thought was time - I want infinite time - who doesn't want infinite time??  I kept trying to think of something quirkier, funnier, edgier. Then this week the posts started popping up on other blogs and they were great - I read each of them thinking I wish I wrote that (maybe what I should be saying is infinite blog post inspiration!!)

But after all that wishing and thinking and pondering it's still time I want in infinite quantity.  Not in the way that I want to live forever - that's just weird and a bit self important.  I want infinite time in each day.  Can you imagine?  All the other things I considered when the question was posed would become possible.

With infinite time would come patience - If there is no hurry what is there to be impatient about.  As I stood in that maddeningly long and slow post office queue instead of looking at my watch and tapping my feet while muttering 'I don't have all day'.  I could enjoy the moment to myself, I could people watch to my heart's content. I literally would have all day.

With infinite time in each day I could take better care of myself - there would always be time left for that much needed exercise or meditation.

With infinite time I would never feel guilt at a day passed without finishing my to do list because tomorrow would be full of more endless hours of time.  I could take a whole day to myself and know that the growing list of jobs could easily be finished tomorrow.

Infinite time would surely mean an end to money worries - much easier to fit a part time job into a day with infinite hours.

I'd never run out of time to put a gourmet dinner on the table, Noah and I could do arts and craft every day, Christmas shopping would be a breeze.

What do you think? Do we need infinite time or do we just need to enjoy the time we have better?  Make time for ourselves, not worry about money, put our kids first over the growing pile of laundry?  I've written about it before but it never hurts to have a reminder that we only have the time we have and we sure as hell better make the most of it - because it flies by.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Dining Table Display and FREE Subway Art Printable

Have you noticed that around the web Subway Art type signs have become the 'art de jour'.  I couldn't resist getting involved but I noticed that it was mostly clever mummy bloggers from the northern hemisphere that were creating them so the wording did not suit a summer Christmas.

In came the gorgeous Jessica at Craftily Ever After.  I contacted her and explained my situation - ie hot beach days not snowflakes and wood fires and for $5 she re-jigged (I'm positive that's not a word but hey) it for us folks down under.  She was also very generous and said I could share it with you all with no strings attached.  I do think it would be nice to follow her blog (and mine) though just to spread the love.  Anyhow if you would like a copy of this print for yourself just leave a comment with your email and I'll forward you the file.  I've displayed mine in a $15 frame from IKEA and it looks pretty awesome even if I do say so myself.

Just so you know (not to make you jealous you understand but just for information purposes!!!) I am off to Bali for the weekend with my sister sans husband and child.  The point being that I will send the file when I return after the weekend.  A bit last minute for this Christmas but you'll be all ready for next year.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Party Planning

About 6 weeks ago I got this idea in my head that I wanted to host a kids Christmas party and I wanted it to be over the top.  I knew I couldn't afford to host it because by the time I invited all my closest peeps it would be a guest list of 20 mums and their kids.  So I sent an email and asked if anyone was into the idea and would they be prepared to  put money towards funding it.  I was surprised and excited that everyone came back with a resounding yes.

So yesterday 16 mums, 19 toddlers and 6 babies came along and it was wonderful.  As with any party planning not everything happened exactly as planned but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and despite the numbers it was actually quite relaxing.  Santa came and gave all the kids a pressie and we ate yummy treats till some of the kids nearly burst.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Cards

The cards are done.  The last stragglers are going in the post today. The final total was 64 - is that ridiculous?

I love sending Christmas cards - we hardly receive any these days but I still love to make the time for them.  Sometimes it's the only contact we have throughout the year with more distant family and friends.  I even do the much ridiculed 'family letter' but I know my older relatives love getting that little insight into our year - let's face it they're not really the blog reading types.

In saying that I must say each year I forget what a mammoth effort it is - it takes so much longer than I think it will.

The last 2 years I've done my own photos of Noah for the front but this year I thought we'd send a picture of all 3 of us and I'm really happy with how it worked out.  I just sent the photos off to this little Etsy shop and voila 24 hours later I had a card all ready to print at Big W at only 10cents each. (Having the card designed cost $15)  I have been doing that for all our invitations lately and would definitely do it for a baby announcement if we are lucky enough in the new year :) So easy and really cost effective plus beautiful.

P.S. The free Christmas printable is coming - I promise.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Little Hands

I hate messy windows and mirrors.  I usually walk around every day with those windex wipes attacking any fingerprints I see but how can I be mad at this adorable little hand??  It does beg the question 'what was he doing on the bathroom counter' though.

O Christmas Tree

Going to the farm and choosing our tree is becoming such a fun family tradition and I definitely look forward to doing it every year from now on. The smell of a real tree is hard to beat and it looks great too.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

18 sleeps to go

Geez it's really hard to find time to blog amongst all the Christmas preparations.  This time of year is soooo busy no matter how organised you think you are.  Most of my shopping and wrapping is done but there are always last minute bits and pieces.  It's not just that side of things though - there are so many social outings.  We have something on in the evening every day this week.

I have just had a lovely meal with my playgroup mums - it is so nice to have a chance to catch up without toddlers interrupting constantly.  I definitely think us mums need to make sure we do things for ourselves no matter how big or small.  I have a friend with a boy the same age as Noah but we have been tending to catch up a bit lately on our 'kid free' days and it is a pleasure to rediscover your friendship outside of being mums.

My spring cleaning spree is not moving along as well as I had hoped.  The garage door has been installed but as yet there is no shelving (hint to husband) so everything is just in there in a big messy pile.  I'm really hoping to get all the main things done before my Kids Christmas Party which I am hosting on Monday.  My goal is to have those last 2 weeks leading up to Christmas for relaxation and hopefully some extra sleep.  I used to nap a couple of times a week while Noah had his day sleep but nowadays I'm using every spare minute he's asleep to get things done.

On that note my December vow is so far being perfectly executed.  I have been doing lots of playing, painting, crafting with Noah and I have not been 'too busy' for him even one time.

How are your plans for Christmas coming along???  Do you ever think it's all a waste of time and money for just 1 day or do you love it???

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The things you say

Hi Noah

You are 2 years old and 4 months now and your language is astounding.  You will try and say everything and anything and for the most part you have great success.  You are definitely speaking better than other kids your age and we love nurturing and encouraging your growing vocabulary.  The most fun thing that comes with this new stage though are some of the absolutely absurd and adorable things that you say.  I don't want to forget any of them so I thought I would record them here for you and I to enjoy in the future.

Noah -  Daddy what's that?
Daddy - A lamp
Noah - Oh it's so pretty

Noah - Mummy what's this?
Mummy - an egg cup to make egg and soldiers.  Why don't you go play with it in your kitchen and         make some for Mummy.
Noah - OK (returns after a minute or so) Mummy where are the soldiers?
Mummy - oh soldiers are made out of cutting toast into strips you just have to go and pretend.
Noah - where is the pretend?

After a longish sleep in the car on our weekend camping trip you woke up and said 'Mummy my bum is so squooshy'

Last week you were eating boiled eggs and watching TV - on the program there were birds hatching from eggs - You said 'Mum I'm eating birdies'

When you return home and see Cleo you now say 'Hello darlin'

Reading a book together this week you saw a picture of a goose but called it a duck so I corrected you - we went back and forth a couple of times then you said 'sorry mummy I think it's a duck'  How can I argue with that??

You are such a bright gorgeous wonderful boy and I love you so much.

Love Mummy xxxxx

Not now Mummy's busy...

I have set myself a goal for December to never be too busy for Noah.  This morning I whisked him off to the park at the ungodly hour of 7.30 and we played - really played.  I didn't sit on the sidelines checking email or reading blogs!!!  I swung and climbed and slid (well sort of because those slides are pretty skinny and my hips kind of get wedged in)

Over the last month we have been having some work done around the house which has sparked a major spring clean.  I have been sorting and decluttering like an absolute legend but it has been occupying every spare moment. As a result Noah has been spending a lot of time entertaining himself and watching way too much TV.  Coinciding with this period has been a noticeable decline in his behaviour (and sleep).  this got me wondering whether it is an unavoidable stage he is going through or as a direct result of being bored and kind of neglected.

We have planned activities/classes four mornings a week but those only last an hour then we spend the rest of the day at home.

I have heard these phrases coming out of my mouth too often "In a minute when Mummy finishes this job' (but the minute is 10, 20, 30 minutes), We'll paint/draw/play later'  Tomorrow we'll do .....(but tomorrow never comes)

So from now on I'm only going to do jobs or personal things while Noah is sleeping.  We have hundreds of great craft supplies, books and puzzles to keep us entertained.  There are also great Christmas activities going on around the city so I doubt we'll be short of ideas.

We will start today (as soon as Noah has a nap) - we're off on the train into the city to look at all the Christmas decorations and for a visit to the art gallery.

P.S.  I wrote this post then accidentally deleted it.  I remembered most of it but the second attempt never seems quite as good - don't you think??

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tales from the campsite

Our weekend away was divine in it’s simplicity.  we swam, ate and sat around relaxing.  To be perfectly honest this was a bit of a ritzy camping trip for us – we are normally bush campers (you know with a hole for a loo and no bathing for days).  This trip was to a caravan park – we still had our tent but each site had a little ensuite with shower and power – you could say it was 5 star camping.

We were so busy just hanging out doing nothing I almost forgot to take photos – here are a couple I snapped on the last day.





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