Sunday 12 December 2010

Christmas Cards

The cards are done.  The last stragglers are going in the post today. The final total was 64 - is that ridiculous?

I love sending Christmas cards - we hardly receive any these days but I still love to make the time for them.  Sometimes it's the only contact we have throughout the year with more distant family and friends.  I even do the much ridiculed 'family letter' but I know my older relatives love getting that little insight into our year - let's face it they're not really the blog reading types.

In saying that I must say each year I forget what a mammoth effort it is - it takes so much longer than I think it will.

The last 2 years I've done my own photos of Noah for the front but this year I thought we'd send a picture of all 3 of us and I'm really happy with how it worked out.  I just sent the photos off to this little Etsy shop and voila 24 hours later I had a card all ready to print at Big W at only 10cents each. (Having the card designed cost $15)  I have been doing that for all our invitations lately and would definitely do it for a baby announcement if we are lucky enough in the new year :) So easy and really cost effective plus beautiful.

P.S. The free Christmas printable is coming - I promise.


  1. Gorgeous : ) What a great job !

  2. God, I wish I'd known about this a week ago!

    Every year we take a family photo and it becomes our Christmas card.

    This year, I decided to print the photo with MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 etc on it, then paste that to a red card, and then print an insert. But all the printing, guillotining and pasting is DRIVING ME INSANE! It's been so time consuming.

    I also write a newsletter, which is not too bad. But next year - I'm SO doing this. Your cards look great and for 10c each? Pffft! Brilliant!


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