Saturday 18 December 2010


Vodafone contacted me about 2 weeks ago and asked me to be part of a blog challenge.  They are launching amazing new phone plans called Infinite - so the challenge is to post a blog answering the question 'What would you like to have infinite of?' It seemed like such an easy question - we were driving along so Rob and I discussed it and tried to come up with just the right angle.  The first thing that I thought was time - I want infinite time - who doesn't want infinite time??  I kept trying to think of something quirkier, funnier, edgier. Then this week the posts started popping up on other blogs and they were great - I read each of them thinking I wish I wrote that (maybe what I should be saying is infinite blog post inspiration!!)

But after all that wishing and thinking and pondering it's still time I want in infinite quantity.  Not in the way that I want to live forever - that's just weird and a bit self important.  I want infinite time in each day.  Can you imagine?  All the other things I considered when the question was posed would become possible.

With infinite time would come patience - If there is no hurry what is there to be impatient about.  As I stood in that maddeningly long and slow post office queue instead of looking at my watch and tapping my feet while muttering 'I don't have all day'.  I could enjoy the moment to myself, I could people watch to my heart's content. I literally would have all day.

With infinite time in each day I could take better care of myself - there would always be time left for that much needed exercise or meditation.

With infinite time I would never feel guilt at a day passed without finishing my to do list because tomorrow would be full of more endless hours of time.  I could take a whole day to myself and know that the growing list of jobs could easily be finished tomorrow.

Infinite time would surely mean an end to money worries - much easier to fit a part time job into a day with infinite hours.

I'd never run out of time to put a gourmet dinner on the table, Noah and I could do arts and craft every day, Christmas shopping would be a breeze.

What do you think? Do we need infinite time or do we just need to enjoy the time we have better?  Make time for ourselves, not worry about money, put our kids first over the growing pile of laundry?  I've written about it before but it never hurts to have a reminder that we only have the time we have and we sure as hell better make the most of it - because it flies by.


  1. Ooh. The possibilities are endless aren't they? Great choice.

  2. Love it. Infinite time... to sleep. Oh my, yes!


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