Monday, 25 May 2009

More time at PMH

Princess Margaret Hospital is the children's hospital where Noah spent his first 3 days of life. We didn't expect to continue to see so much of the inside of the damn place!!

We arrived home about 1.30pm today after arriving in the Emergency Department on Saturday night with our very sick boy. He is on the mend now but we are all very tired after a sleepless and slightly stressful weekend.

Noah started with a pretty basic cold a week ago after spending the night at his Nanna's - we arrived Sunday morning to a very snotty grizzly baby - over the week his symptoms continued to get worse instead of better but we weren't too concerned. However on Friday he became very listless and our usually unstoppable cyclone of a boy was barely moving. This combined with high temp and his previous ear infection and urinary tract infection had us heading to the ER for the 3rd time in 6 weeks.

We were seen very quickly and a brief examination had another and then another doctor coming to our cubicle for a look - it's never good when they call in extra doctors! Within no time at all Noah had an IV in his arm and was being given fluids - we were soon told Noah was being admitted. He had blood tests, urine tests, a chest x-ray and an ultrasound but nothing in particular (except the possibility of a slight Urinary Tract Infection) showed up. My 'mum' theory is that he ended up with a hit of gastro plus a bad head cold and maybe the UTI and it just knocked him for 6.

Anyway we're home now and hopefully we can all catch up on the sleep we've missed over the last week. I'm praying it's a VERY long time before I see that emergency department again

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sexy Rexy

Everyone who knows my friend Danni and her son Rex know that they have had a rough year. Poor Rexy was born with hip problems (not very technical I know) and has undergone several surgeries as well as spending big chunks of the last year in various casts. He is now cast free except for night sleeps and the future is looking bright. Noah and I are lucky enough to have enjoyed Rex's company today and last Wednesday while his mum went to work and that looks set to be the plan for the foreseeable future which is very exciting.

The boys are enjoying playing together and are forging a lovely friendship which I look forward to watching.

After a year without much time in the water Rex has had some hesitations getting in the bath but tonight him and his buddy Noah had a great time splashing together.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spoilt Rotten

Well my first official Mother's Day was fabulous. (I've been pregnant for the last two and of course gave birth to my beautful boy Banjo but it was nice to have a boy to cuddle on the day)

I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Rob bought me the most beautiful necklace with all my boys names on it. I also got a Wii (one of those gifts the giver buys for themselves as well as the recipient!!!)

Noah made me a wonderful album full of photos of him and I over the last 10 months as well as a gorgeous book and some cute shirts for himself to wear with lovely slogans about his mummy. I also received wine, chocolates, books and massage vouchers from extended family and of course plenty of beautiful flowers.

But it's really not about the gifts (although they were fun) I just enjoyed a fun day filled with family and friends.

Noah, Rob and I walked to Voyage for breakfast then visited my Nanna. Lunch was at Mal's house with Jacqui (also her first Mother's Day) Nanna Ivy and both our Mum's. We had an afternoon catch up with Lou and Will (Lou's first Mother's Day and Will's 29th Birthday) then finished off with Fish and Chip at Pinaroo with Rob's dad while we visited Banjo.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It is 7pm and nearly the end of a very long and tiring but special and wonderful Mother's Day. My 2 boys are in the bath and then Noah will be off to bed and Rob and I are going to flop on the couch. I've been so spoilt and had the most amazing day but I'm much too tired to tell you all about it now so tune in tomorrow for photos and stories.

Happy Mother's Day everyone XX Kirsty

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Great Grandpa Joe

Noah is very lucky to have not only a full set of grandparents but also 4 great grandparents to love and adore him. Rob's Nanna Ivy, Rob's Pa Ged and Grandma Bron, My Nanna Fay Beggs and my adopted Grandpa Joe.

Joe has been a family friend, particularly of my Mum's, for about 20 years and he's really become a special part of our family. Joe never had any kids of his own so therefore no grandkids or great grandkids but he is overjoyed with Noah as his special great grandson. Joe is such an amazing man and has had such an interesting life. He just turned 93 a few weeks ago and still walks to the shops every day - until a few years ago he was leading other seniors in exercise classes (some who were 20 years younger than him and not half as fit!!). The weird thing is he's a real mix of facets of both mine and Rob's maternal grandfathers (Bungy and Arthur) so he helps us to remember them as well.
This week Mum, Joe, Noah and I trekked off to the zoo and enjoyed a lovely day in the winter sunshine.


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