Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spoilt Rotten

Well my first official Mother's Day was fabulous. (I've been pregnant for the last two and of course gave birth to my beautful boy Banjo but it was nice to have a boy to cuddle on the day)

I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Rob bought me the most beautiful necklace with all my boys names on it. I also got a Wii (one of those gifts the giver buys for themselves as well as the recipient!!!)

Noah made me a wonderful album full of photos of him and I over the last 10 months as well as a gorgeous book and some cute shirts for himself to wear with lovely slogans about his mummy. I also received wine, chocolates, books and massage vouchers from extended family and of course plenty of beautiful flowers.

But it's really not about the gifts (although they were fun) I just enjoyed a fun day filled with family and friends.

Noah, Rob and I walked to Voyage for breakfast then visited my Nanna. Lunch was at Mal's house with Jacqui (also her first Mother's Day) Nanna Ivy and both our Mum's. We had an afternoon catch up with Lou and Will (Lou's first Mother's Day and Will's 29th Birthday) then finished off with Fish and Chip at Pinaroo with Rob's dad while we visited Banjo.

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