Sunday 31 July 2011

Disney or Bust

A quick report from Disneyland. First of all we made it. After a harrowing wait on standby with about 15 other people we were called to be checked in almost 15 minutes after the flight should have departed!! On the plane we were all seated separately around the plane but after Noah's 'chit chat' through takeoff the friendly passengers seated around him were more than happy to give up their seats To Mummy and Daddy (hehe).

The jet lag has been pretty horrendous. Firstly Rob did the midnight horror from Perth so he was down one nights sleep before we even started the long haul sector. Noah slept a little bit on the plane but by the time we arrived at LAX it was midnight Sydney time and without a hotel room to check in to we all had to soldier on. If you're keeping count Rob was now into his second night with almost zero sleep and Noah and I were a night down too. We are all slowly catching up.

Disneyland has been beyond amazing. Even though I've been several times before seeing it through Noah's eyes it's like the first time all over again. Noah calls it 'the real movie' and is in a constant state of awe and excitement. He rode his first roller coaster today after barely making the height requirement (tippy toes) and loved it.

So many adventures to be reported and pictures to be shared soon.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Classic Quotes

I don't always remember to keep a note of Noah's funny little comments -  I couldn't possibly it would be a full-time job.

Tonight as we had our story time before bed there was some discussion about families and brothers and sisters.  Noah says to Rob - 'you're a boy and I'm a boy - we're the same' So I said yes that's right what is mummy?
'Mummy you're a woman'.

Apparently now that he's three he knows about women!!

Happy Birthday Big Boy

Dear Noah

It's 8pm and you are tucked up safe in bed (you sleep in the top bunk now) Your 3rd birthday is all over.  You, me and Daddy have had an amazing day.  We started slowly all in bed together opening presents.  This year Mummy and Daddy thought you were a big enough boy to have a camera of your own.  You were thrilled with it and I'm sure you will take lots of great photos on our big holiday to America.  You were just as thrilled with the $2 packet of dinosaur stickers - it's all about dinosaurs this year.

After much silly discussion over the last few days about what it would mean to turn 3 you were convinced this morning that your feet had gotten bigger but assured me your hands were still small.

Over the last few days Mummy has been very busy with all the preparation for your party.  You have been a great helper but you have also been very kind with words (and even a handmade card) of thanks and appreciation.  Today as Daddy swept the backyard you said 'Thank you for getting my party ready Daddy'.  That's the kind of boy you are kind and thoughtful.

Your party was a roaring success (no pun intended) and you were a gracious host.  You thanked everyone for coming and bid each group farewell with shouts of  'I Love You'

You are surrounded by wonderful family and friends and everyone adores you.  You are so generous with your hugs and kisses and always have a smile on your face.

Tonight after all the excitement of the party we have had some time to look through your presents and you and I had a lovely bath together - it really has been a fun and special day.

Happy Birthday my precious Noah-saurus, I love you.

Thursday 21 July 2011


In two days it will be Noah's third birthday. In that 3 years we have taken literally thousands of photos (on our recent 3 day camping trip alone we took over 300). Even though I failed miserably at my 365 photo project (This was my one and only entry) I still do try to capture something almost daily.

In this day of digital images the photo album is all but a relic of history.  We had vowed to make a photobook each year for Noah but so far we have racked up an IOU of - ahem - three.  Rob made me one as a wedding present documenting out life together up to that day and is such a treasure to me I do want Noah to have that too.  

The one thing I have got of course is this blog which is a great way to share photos and document fleeting moments in our lives that may otherwise sit unlooked at  and even forgotten.  The other small thing I have done is these magnets below which I have sent to family and friends each year with the birthday thank you cards.  I am not very tech savvy at all.  All my photos come as is - I do not know how to use Photoshop and I have never really done much of anything with my pictures but I am glad I took the time to do these.  I made them on Vistaprint using a template and once the pictures were chosen it was super easy.

I didn't plan on doing one this year I thought the first two were enough.  I also had this crazy thought that the changes from 2 year old to 3 old would not be as pronounced as the previous 2 years - I was so wrong. I am glad I've done number three due to some friendly requests (I thought people might find it a bit over the top but apparently they love getting them).  

Sitting and looking back at the year of photos yesterday in itself was such an enjoyable experience.  Then seeing my little boy turn into a child (no longer even a toddler I don't think) through those pictures was such an excellent reminder to savour every moment, every stage of his precious life.

If it's even possible here are the 21 pictures that best represent the first 3 years of Noah's life.

Each one starts with the earliest picture top left then goes clockwise until the most recent picture in the centre.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

I love the things you do

Noah I haven't been the best with keeping up with the monthly letters but I wanted to share some stuff about you right in this moment.

I love the way you sing - all day long

I love how you love books - you are a worm just like mummy.  You know several books by heart now and can 'read' them beautifully to anyone that will listen.

I love that you have your own style - whenever I put on your 'soccer' shoes (your words not mine they're just sneakers) you undo the two strips of velcro and cross them over - that's just how you roll.

I love how you love.  You are abundant with kisses and cuddles and are sure to tell me many times a day 'Love you Mummy'.

You are a one of a kind and you're all mine

X Mummy

Sunday 10 July 2011

Baby Bump Love

Back in the Saddle

Every time I leave this poor blog of mine unloved for an extended period of time I promise never to do it again. I don't expect you to believe me anymore.  I just haven't felt the blogging vibe lately but now that it's looking so fresh and adorable how will I be able to resist.

We have had a very emotional  week.  It started on a high last weekend.  We had our anatomy scan and everything was PERFECT.  I also had a night out with my sister seeing Wicked and had a win at the casino.

Then on Tuesday our precious dog went missing and for two days we were positive we were never going to see her again.  Thursday afternoon some wonderful people called us and told us they knew where she was being kept.  Noah and I together with the nice couple visited a house literally a couple of streets away and there she was.  These (not so nice) people had been holding her for 2 days and had made no attempt to find out who owned her.  They claim they were going to take her to the vet the next day to have her checked for a microchip but I am extremely dubious about that.  Who holds a lost dog for that long?  Turns out they had lost their own white fluffy dog the week before and I firmly believe they thought they had found a free replacement.

As they say all's well that ends well but it was very stressful and needless to say we will be keeping a much closer eye on Cleo's whereabouts from now on.

This weekend we're back on a high.  Although yesterday was Banjo's 4th Birthday (and simultaneously the 4th anniversary of his death) - we don't get sad - we celebrate him.  We wonder about him and we wish he was here but we know without Banjo there may not be Noah. Banjo will always be our angel baby but it is Noah every day that fills our hearts and brings us more happiness than we could ever have hoped for.

We are really looking forward to welcoming this new baby boy into our lives and filling our hearts once again with that crazy overflowing love that babies bring.


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