Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back in the Saddle

Every time I leave this poor blog of mine unloved for an extended period of time I promise never to do it again. I don't expect you to believe me anymore.  I just haven't felt the blogging vibe lately but now that it's looking so fresh and adorable how will I be able to resist.

We have had a very emotional  week.  It started on a high last weekend.  We had our anatomy scan and everything was PERFECT.  I also had a night out with my sister seeing Wicked and had a win at the casino.

Then on Tuesday our precious dog went missing and for two days we were positive we were never going to see her again.  Thursday afternoon some wonderful people called us and told us they knew where she was being kept.  Noah and I together with the nice couple visited a house literally a couple of streets away and there she was.  These (not so nice) people had been holding her for 2 days and had made no attempt to find out who owned her.  They claim they were going to take her to the vet the next day to have her checked for a microchip but I am extremely dubious about that.  Who holds a lost dog for that long?  Turns out they had lost their own white fluffy dog the week before and I firmly believe they thought they had found a free replacement.

As they say all's well that ends well but it was very stressful and needless to say we will be keeping a much closer eye on Cleo's whereabouts from now on.

This weekend we're back on a high.  Although yesterday was Banjo's 4th Birthday (and simultaneously the 4th anniversary of his death) - we don't get sad - we celebrate him.  We wonder about him and we wish he was here but we know without Banjo there may not be Noah. Banjo will always be our angel baby but it is Noah every day that fills our hearts and brings us more happiness than we could ever have hoped for.

We are really looking forward to welcoming this new baby boy into our lives and filling our hearts once again with that crazy overflowing love that babies bring.

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  1. Hiya Kirsty, loving the new look of your blog and I am so glad that Cleo has been found. How were they going to keep Cleo from coming home to you guys? and how could you keep your neighbours dog anyway knowing how sad it is when you lose your own dog?

    You need to make sure you keep blogging to keep your overseas friends acquainted with all your goings on.



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