Saturday 21 February 2009


These are some of my favourite photos from the past couple of months

Rob and Noah after a spa at Pa De Roach's house - December

Mummy no more photos - pleeeeeaaaase - December 22nd

Having an afternoon nap in the swing - December 23rd

Noah and Mummy at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

Four generations of De Roach men at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

The Family at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

January 4th

January 10th - catching up on the news

Rob and Noah both enjoying their morning 'milk' - January 11th

Australia Day at Mettams with Grandad

February 1st - City Beach

February 5th - Learning to drink from a big boy cup

February 5th

February 7th

February 12th at Damien Leith Concert - Joondalup Country Club

Olivia's 3rd Birthday - I think I need a bigger party hat!! February 13th

N is for Noah.....February 14th

Reuben and Noah playing together - February 19th

Rex and Noah - Best Buddies

Hey if I hang on to this thing I can stand up!!

February 21st - Finally his Christmas Toy has been put together to enjoy

February 22nd at Hillarys Boat Harbour

Welcome Finn

Rob's beautiful sister Jacqui and her husband Ben welcomed their new son Finn into the world Sunday February 8th. He was a healthy 9 pounds 2oz and arrived very peacefully. They are all doing really well. We're so excited for Noah to have his little buddy to grow up with.

A Rare Treat

Right now Noah is taking an afternoon nap - yes we have a nap schedule now - aren't we clever and Rob is out having some much needed male bonding time with mates from work. This means that I have some time to sit and reflect on what's been happening since I sat down and blogged almost 3 weeks ago.

Noah has just been an absolute joy lately - he practically decided by himself (with a little encouragement from 'The Nanna' (my mum)) to start having two 2 hour naps every day plus self settle and sleep through at night. Just goes to show it's no use worrying and trying to force these things - if you just have a bit of patience they get there in the end anyway.

This has changed the landscape of my day dramatically - and I'm thoroughly enjoying the structure and predictability of the routine. Noah and I are also having the pleasure of spending our days with Declan, Reuben, Ivy, Bailey, Summer and Olivia. It's a full house most days but it's so much fun.

This week I've been to the gym 4 times - so hopefully taking control of the weight aspect of my life as well. (That's a whole different blog for another day!!!)

On Monday Noah is going to be 7 months old. Currently he has his 2 bottom teeth and looks so cute. He's not quite crawling yet but is making a damn good go of it. We've been working really hard on helping him to sit and I think it's all going to come together really soon. Still continuing on with swimming and this week Noah splashed his hands on the water for the first time during the welcome song - I was so proud.

He's such a bruiser and it honestly looks like all he does is eat but although he does eat fairly well he's by no means overly excited by food. He's accepting almost everything we give him but I think more often than not he couldn't care less. This week we really stepped it up after mostly sticking to rice cereal and fruit and veggie purees for the last 6 or 7 weeks. Noah didn't bat an eyelid when all of a sudden there were peas in his dinner and sultanas in his brekky - he just chewed through them like an expert. I also made up some dishes with chicken and fish and he ate them no worries as well. So far the foods he's had are potato, pumpkin, parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, peas, spinach, apple, banana, pear, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, peach, apricot, avocado, tahini, cod, chicken, sultanas, baby rice, weetbix and yoghurt by the truckload.

Life is really good right now so I'm just trying to enjoy it all. I think Noah is going to go through lots of developmental changes in the next month so we're in for quite an exciting time. I'll keep you posted.


Wednesday 4 February 2009

Gratuitous Plug

I have found the best website for stuff for kids parties and it's the cheapest one around too. They have everything you need for all kinds of different themes. So much shopping fun to be had!!!

Monday 2 February 2009

Highs and Lows

I've seen a few different friends over the last few days and have been asked several times why I haven't been blogging. Trust me I've had stuff to say but just haven't found the time or the right words. I read somewhere that one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is to apologise for being offline - it said you should decide on a schedule and stick to it. So this is me telling you all that I have no schedule and probably never will - I may blog daily or I may blog monthly - you'll simply have to come along with me wherever this journey takes me for better or worse.

These are the things that have been on my mind recently -
Weight loss or lack thereof.
Wanting to move house.
Job hunting
Finances or lack thereof.
Mothering Difficulties

While I've been gone Noah turned 6 months old (January 23rd)
Got his first tooth (January 26th)
Got his 2nd tooth (January 29th)

Today has been a bit of an emotional day. I'm going through stuff that I'm sure many of you have gone through. Feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep a clean house, putting a meal on the table every night, caring for a grumpy teething baby, managing family finances - sick of the humidity. I started the day with lots of tears but I think I've realised that I need to learn to let some things go. I'm trying to do it all but instead I'm doing a half-assed job of everything. I am going to try and refocus on the most important things and doing them well and let some other things go by the wayside. I encourage all of you to do the same. I mean does it really matter if we're not perfect housewives?? From now on if I have to sit on the floor with Noah all day to keep him happy and nothing else gets done I'm going to try and let that happen.

On the upside Jack and Julia are finally back from their trip around the world with 5 kids ( so today I got to see my gorgeous boys Declan and Reuben. I can't believe how much I missed them - so good to be able to give them giant cuddles today. Reuben has grown so much and Declan starts Kindy tomorrow - unbelievable.

So the day ended on a high note and now Noah is safe and sound in his cot, Rob is off to play squash and I am going to have a really long shower and relax. Tomorrow is the start of the new me - wish me luck.


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