Saturday 21 February 2009


These are some of my favourite photos from the past couple of months

Rob and Noah after a spa at Pa De Roach's house - December

Mummy no more photos - pleeeeeaaaase - December 22nd

Having an afternoon nap in the swing - December 23rd

Noah and Mummy at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

Four generations of De Roach men at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

The Family at Mullaloo Beach - January 1st

January 4th

January 10th - catching up on the news

Rob and Noah both enjoying their morning 'milk' - January 11th

Australia Day at Mettams with Grandad

February 1st - City Beach

February 5th - Learning to drink from a big boy cup

February 5th

February 7th

February 12th at Damien Leith Concert - Joondalup Country Club

Olivia's 3rd Birthday - I think I need a bigger party hat!! February 13th

N is for Noah.....February 14th

Reuben and Noah playing together - February 19th

Rex and Noah - Best Buddies

Hey if I hang on to this thing I can stand up!!

February 21st - Finally his Christmas Toy has been put together to enjoy

February 22nd at Hillarys Boat Harbour


  1. What adorable pics guys!!! Noah is such a cutie. I especially love the City Beach one, gorgeous blue eyes... and of course the bottom one teehee!! I can't believe he can stand holding on. He has come so far. Hope to catch up soon.
    Love to you all.
    x Sandy

  2. Great photos guys. How fortunate you are to have the 4 generations photo- excellent photo I might add. So many good pics in there.... keep em coming. Can't beliebe how big Noah is. Guess you wont want any of Jay's clothes because Jay and Noah ARE PROBABLY THE SAME SIZE NOW!!!! Even though Jay is 10 months older!!!!
    Leanne xx

  3. Hey Kirsty,

    Awesome blog, I love the new pics, you all look so healthy and happy.

    Big hug to you all Anne-Marie xxx

  4. Hi kirsty

    So nice to see how the little man is growing. we are doing well down here, cody has started kindy and loving it see attached pic with him in his uniform. we are busy now with kindy twice a week, swimming gymnastics playgroup and library. I get a day off a week though as kirra has started daycare on one of codys kindy days so have been catching up on all the latest movies out which has been great. Off to melbourne for a girls 5 days next month am totally hanging out my first time away since before kirralee was born so looking forward to no demandng children and sleepins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good to hear Noahs in a routine, it just works so much better and although you have to be tough for a few days at the start sometimes to get them in it it is worth it for both him and you.

    we have been up quite a lot of late with rugby games and cyclones and looks like another one this weekend after i just thought I could stay at home this weekend but hopefully J can drive home rather than me trekking up again for the 3rd w/e in a row!

    well hope you are travelling well and if I am up I will try and pop past for a visit. I am up tuesday and wednesday 17th and 18th before I fly out to melb so might try and grab a coffee with you on one of those days amongst me running around to hair, court and massge appointments - trying to get alot achieved without the kids

    take care


  5. Hi Kirsty,

    Noah is adorable!! I'm very impressed you have maintained your blog... I haven't even found time to set up my facebook account!

    We're all still living a crazy life. Have taken over our house construction as owner/builder, moved to a friends house in Beaconsfield and Oliver has just started year1 at Rosalie and of course Sophia is a feel blown fairy princess ballerina now ;)

    Lots of love,
    Cathy (& Andrew, Oliver & Sophia) xxx

  6. Kirsty - lovely to hear your news and to see the beautiful photos. The first 6 months can be tough but it looks as if you have made it still smiling - take care.

    Janine MacDonald (Isabella and Felix)

  7. Noah looks so big and grown up, i can't wait to see the little man.
    Love to you all. Jess xx

  8. Noah looks so big and grown up, i can't wait to see the little man.
    Love to you all. Jess xx


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