Friday, 27 April 2007

15 week scan

We're back from our honeymoon now and trying to settle back in to the normal daily routine after so much fun and excitement. Thank you to all of you who made our wedding day so special we absolutely had the time of our lives.

Baby De Roach kept me on my toes a bit on the cruise with a bit of extra morning sickness which unfortunately is continuing on now that we're home. It's still nothing to complain about though and in general I'm feeling fit and healthy.

We had our 15 week scan and check up yesterday and all is progressing as it should be. The baby was in a face down position with the right arm and hand clearly visible held behind it's head. Here's the scan pictures for you to view.

I almost can't believe this tiny person is growing inside of me. It's something I have wanted for so many years and it has been such a long journey to get to this point it's quite the miracle. I'd be happy to have 10 more surgeries and give myself 100 more injections if that's what it takes for Rob and I to hold our own baby in our arms. We are the luckiest people in the world.

Sunday, 22 April 2007


Hi Everyone

Welcome to our baby site. We thought this would be a great idea to keep everyone up to date with all the news through our pregnancy and arrival of baby De Roach as well as any other news we might have along the way. Just to get started here is our first ultrasound scan.


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