Thursday, 31 May 2007


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Late Night Ravings

It's 3.51am and I'm wide awake. I've been laying in bed for about an hour trying to get back to sleep but it's impossible. This is the latest phenomenon of pregnancy - waking up at odd hours of the night wide awake and unable to get back to sleep. It must be nature's way of preparing you for the lack of sleep to come!!

It's almost the long weekend and Rob & I can't wait for some much needed R & R now that 'May Madness' is over. The last of the birthday celebrations finished on the weekend with Mum's big 60th party followed by a lovely quiet Sunday evening get together with John De Roach for his birthday on Monday. Life is good and we're almost exactly half way to meeting our new arrival - how exciting.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Baby Gymnastics

Last night as I lay in bed at about 10.15pm (surrounded by my pillow prison to stop me sleeping on my back) I felt the first movement of the baby. After weeks of anticipation for this moment and wondering if I would know what it was when it happened - there it was - one good solid kick or punch followed by a bout of general movement. It felt so surreal but really amazing and fantastic as well. Rob tried to feel the movements as well but unfortunately after that first big kick the movements were a bit more subtle. What's really weird is now that I've felt it, it's like I can't stop feeling the baby moving. I don't know whether all of a sudden I'm more tuned in or it's just that the baby is now a really active little bugger. It made me realise that even though pregnancy comes with it's difficulties these special moments are what it's all about.

Friday, 25 May 2007

19 Week Anatomy Scan

Here is the latest scan which we had on Tuesday May 22nd. It was wonderful to see the baby starting to develop into a real little person. The sonographer had a bit of a rough time because our little one was in an awkward position for what she needed to do and refused to move no matter how much she poked and prodded. Looks like we might have a stubborn baby on our hands!! Everything was perfectly as it should be and the baby was giving us a little show opening and closing it's fists and busily drinking through the whole scan.

We're all doing really well and look forward to keeping you up to date with future installments.

Monday, 21 May 2007

What are they looking at??

Now that I'm looking much more obviously pregnant I've noticed this weird phenomenon where people stare at me. I find it particularly unusual during the current baby boom when every second woman seems to be pregnant. Some people give a knowing smile but mostly they just stare - it's really weird.

We had a really nice weekend doing lots of birthday shopping for the last few birthdays of 'May Madness' (4 parent's birthdays, 1 sister, 2 extended family plus Mother's Day!!!) and helping John De Roach move house. It's so fantastic to finally have weekends to ourselves after Rob's PhD and wedding planning dominating our time for so long. We're trying to really enjoy it before the next big adventure starts.

This weekend is the first time I've really started to have trouble sleeping because of my size. Apparently I'm not supposed to sleep on my back (which is my usual position) so I've got this giant sausage pillow to assist sleeping on my side. It's getting to be a very crowded bed with me, Rob, the sausage pillow, Cleo and DJ! I'm not sure why it's so uncomfortable but I'm sure every other woman that's been pregnant will sympathise. Hopefully with time I'll get used to sleeping on my side otherwise it's going to be a long 4 months.

Tomorrow is our anatomy scan so we'll get some new ultrasound pictures up for you soon.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


The time just keeps marching on by we've nearly hit the 18 week mark and my belly is growing to be a real baby belly. I started pregnancy yoga classes on the weekend which were really great but I've certainly being paying for it in aches and pains since!! This Wednesday I'm doing my first water based pregnancy exercise class so hopefully that will be a bit of a recovery from the yoga pain.

Rob & I had our first outing to the baby store to start to decipher the differences between the hundreds of different prams, baby seats, cots etc etc. Not only were we completely baffled by all the different features we were a little bit shocked about how much it's all going to add up to. We've started slowly by lay-bying the pram and the cot and we'll have another go at the rest of it after our brains have started to absorb it all. Of course this led to our first difference of opinion with me wanting the white cot and rob wanting the natural oak - Rob won. I managed to get my way with the apple green pram though so it was a good compromise.

We've got our major scan next Tuesday the 22nd where they look at all the anatomy and measure everything. I think this is one of the last scans until nearer the end of the pregnancy. This is the stage at which we could find out the answer to the million dollar boy or girl question - but we're going to wait for a surprise at the birth.


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