Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Baby Gymnastics

Last night as I lay in bed at about 10.15pm (surrounded by my pillow prison to stop me sleeping on my back) I felt the first movement of the baby. After weeks of anticipation for this moment and wondering if I would know what it was when it happened - there it was - one good solid kick or punch followed by a bout of general movement. It felt so surreal but really amazing and fantastic as well. Rob tried to feel the movements as well but unfortunately after that first big kick the movements were a bit more subtle. What's really weird is now that I've felt it, it's like I can't stop feeling the baby moving. I don't know whether all of a sudden I'm more tuned in or it's just that the baby is now a really active little bugger. It made me realise that even though pregnancy comes with it's difficulties these special moments are what it's all about.

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