Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I'm such a slack blogger lately but don't be fooled into thinking nothing is going on - quite the opposite.

One of the main downfalls of my blogging is Facebook!! I finally gave in to the pressure and joined and I find the quick fix of a facebook status update hard to resist. For my always faithful blog readers I know how it sucks to keep checking in and seeing the same old post. I read quite a few blogs but luckily they are all very dedicated daily bloggers.

Since Noah's haircut a couple of weeks ago there was a bit of flack about not showing an 'after' photo so I'll share heaps of pics today.

Rob's grandparents were here from Melbourne and as always we thoroughly enjoyed their company and their never ending desire to babysit!! We had a lovely day out at the zoo and Noah enjoyed his first boat trip across the swan on the Ferry.

On the weekend just gone we had another awesome camping trip to Dwellingup with Jac, Ben and Finn and Gem, Mike and Leuca. It's a funny thing about camping there is so much work preparing to go and setting up and taking down tents and then the washing - oh my - I'm still working my way through the red dirt soaked piles - but it's totally worth it. We were only away 2 nights but that Saturday sitting around playing with the kids, taking walks and having naps in the hammock is so wonderfully relaxing it feels like a week.

Noah and Finn playing nicely

Mike, Leuca and Finn

Yes there was swimming and yes it was bloody freezing.

Noah with his new Tonka truck

On Monday Noah had his kidney scan at PMH - follow up from his previous UTI's and hospital admittance. We had to attend at 9am for a radioactive tracer to be injected then we left for 3 hours until it was time for the scan. It was so heartbreaking Noah absolutely hated being strapped down and the scanner was right down pressed against him for about 30 minutes. We'll return to get the results in a few weeks.

Biggest news this week is Noah started walking on Monday afternoon - all that time strapped to a table convinced him to finally get moving. I was at home with him hanging out and all of a sudden he just walked across the room. It's so adorable and he's already improved out of sight. At first he took big staggering steps with his arms held high in the air for balance but now he's walking around things and changing direction. Still lots of crawling happening but give it a week and that'll be gone - he's already trying to run.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


My baby had his first haircut today and now he looks like a big boy.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Noah has started giving kisses - I swear to you it nearly makes me cry every time. Soooooo adorable. I'm off to kiss him goodnight and check he's tucked in before I go to bed. Kiss a gorgeous baby a.s.a.p. - I guarantee it'll make your day. Mwah Mwah

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Royal Show

Our day at at the Royal Agricultural Show was absolutely fantastic. We had planned for Rob to take Tuesday off after the long weekend so that we could avoid the weekend crowds. What we hadn't planned for was for that day to be pouring rain and stormy. In the end it was perfect we headed off after lunch and Noah's morning nap and managed to avoid all of the horrible weather. Luckily for us the bad weather had kept the crowds away and it was very very quiet.
Noah had a pony ride and absolutely loved having free reign in the baby animal pen. He was so funny with the goats and kept telling them off and pushing them away when they crowded him too much. While Noah napped in his pram and Rob and I enjoyed sampling all the yummy treats in the produce pavilions. By the time we were heading home it was getting dark and we took a walk through sideshow alley. Noah's eyes nearly popped out of his head at all the lights and the music and the crowds. He was pointing and talking non-stop at all the things he could see. He didn't stop 'talking' all the way home in the car - he was so full of excitement - I wish I knew what he was trying to say. Rob and I are so happy we took him - can't wait for next year.


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