Monday 29 November 2010

Linky Link

Today I am joining in a blog hop of Christmas craft.  If you want to get inspired and find some projects pop over to thegirlcreative and see all the ideas her readers have shared.

Little Christmas notes for lunch boxes or maybe even home-made crackers (there are a set of more romantic ones too if you want to get into the Christmas spirit!!!)

I'm also playing over at Skip to my Lou's Made by You Mondays so pop over for a look.

Happy Monday

Friday 26 November 2010

It's the Final Countdown

Did you used to get those Advent Calendars with the chocolate behind every door when you were a kid??  I sure did and it was so much fun.  My sisters and I would hang out to open that little door and prise the choccy out - usually before breakfast.

Being that Noah is only 2 and also that we try to keep chocolate and sweets limited to parties and special occasions I wanted an Advent Calendar that I could fill with different non food related goodies.  There are so many great ideas to make your own.
How cute is this one

If you're really keen - check this one out - good if you've got a woodworker in the family

There also seems to be a trend in the shops for ones that you can fill yourself.  I saw some cute ones in Spotlight and Myer.

Last year in the post Christmas sales I bought one that is a felt Nativity scene and each day you receive another piece to make the scene until Christmas Eve you have the whole picture.  Although I love it and we have been trying to teach Noah about the real story of Christmas I think he'll do better with that one next year.

So eventually I put together ideas from a couple of places to come up with my 2010 Advent Calendar.

Do you like it??

It was ridiculously easy to make and relatively cheap.  I ordered some circles/cupcake toppers from Etsy and asked for them to be sized up - Cost $6.  I already had a lot of these IKEA magnetic spice jars so I only had to add a 'few' extra to complete my project.  The tins are about 3.5 inches which is a good size for a variety of treats - downside is it takes up half of the fridge!   The IKEA jars are not particularly cheap but they are easy to locate.  If I had of got more organised I may have sourced some smaller and cheaper ones.  The bonus is after Christmas you just peel off the circles and the jars can be used for something else the rest of the year.  You can also use different graphics each year for only a few dollars and you get a new look every time.  Big kids could even draw and number a set of circles themselves.

As far as filling the jars goes I've mostly found bits and pieces from around the house. I've got some party blowers, balloons, stickers, bubbles and bouncy balls that were left over when I made the loot bags for Noah's birthday.  I will put in a couple of food items and I think some inexpensive toy cars and trinkets will finish it off.

When he's older I like the idea of filling it with activity coupons instead of things.  Something like - today we will go to the park, do some finger painting, visit Santa, tour the Christmas lights, stay up late and watch a movie.

I'm getting so excited about Christmas and absolutely loving that Noah is at the right age to join in the fun.  Can't wait to start the countdown on Wednesday!!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

So Pretty


That's what Noah says when he's done something he considers amazing or clever.  I've finished the first of my home-made garden lights and I'm a little bit happy with myself.

I first saw these lights in a home magazine a few years ago and thought they were a really simple wonderful idea.  I promptly went on to have a baby and simply not have time to think about such creative endeavours.

Over the weekend my Mum and I went to an open garden in my street (A lady in my street opens her beautiful garden twice a year and charges entry plus sells morning/afternoon tea to raise money for Battens disease which 2 of her granddaughters have.  She is an amazing lady.  Unfortunately one of the girls recently passed away.)

She had several of these in her garden and I got re-inspired.  The I opened the Christmas issue of Better Homes and Garden and there they were again – I couldn’t ignore them this time so I set off to Bunnings on Monday morning and purchased all my supplies.

This is what I started with (works out to about $30 for 1 complete light but it would be less if you had some old hanging baskets laying around you could just spray them silver).  Can't wait to see how it looks all lit up tonight.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share my Advent calendar I've made for Noah - just got to finish it!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday 23 November 2010


Sorry about the garden lights I promised - the day got away from me.  Tomorrow for sure.

I joined Weight Watchers tonight and went to my first meeting (I've done it once before years ago).  I'm feeling inspired and motivated.  I won't make any grand statements about my goals yet - I think I'll just give it a go and try my hardest and see what happens.  I'll be sure to share with you along the way.

Monday 22 November 2010

At My House: Christmas Craft

As usual I have a hundred ideas of things to do for Christmas (crafting, baking, home decorating) and the time is flying by too fast.  I usually start planing and thinking about Christmas really early and then I'm in this oblivion that I still have plenty of time then all of a sudden it's here and I've run out of time.

This year I am trying to break that cycle so today I have 'made' some of my table decorations and they are ready to go.

Aren't they fun?? It's a bit tricky to see but there is a little glass tea light holder in the top. I'm doing our whole table in a red and lime green theme and our tree will be the same.  This idea is from Better Homes and Gardens magazine and took me about 20 minutes this afternoon while Noah was sleeping.  (Of course I had already purchased my bits and pieces from Spotlight and Bunnings).

Tomorrow I'm working on some beautiful outdoor fairy light balls - pop back if you're interested.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Moving on

There have been so many events and stages in Noah's life where I've had a realisation that he is actually growing up.  Each time I love the new adventures but shed a tear for the months flying by so fast.

Yesterday his bunks arrived and last night he jumped into his 'big boy bed' without a second thought.  His cot days are over I can't believe it.

Today after his nap he just got himself up and trotted upstairs for a cuddle :(

In the Backyard

You've heard of the Naked Chef now meet the Naked Gardener.

Nothing like a cute baby bum to make you smile.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Wiggly Woo

Noah and I have a new love - Wiggly Woo dance class.  This is one of those wonderful finds that you just have to share.  We had an absolute blast today dancing in this big hall to all our favourite Play School songs with, at a guess, about 30-40 kids plus mums.

It is a very informal music and movement class for 1-5 year olds run by the Mount Hawthorn Community Church.  It costs $4 or $5 if you have more than one child.  Morning tea is provided after class too.

There are several thing that set this program aside from others
 - it's cheap (most classes/lessons seem to be around the $15 range per child)
 - it's casual so no need to commit to a full term just come when it suits you.
 - it is run by volunteers and all profit goes to charity - need I say more.

If you are in Perth and are interested here is a link to their website.  Classes are Tuesday and Friday 9.30 or 10.30.  The hall is situated in the middle of a lovely shady park so we also played in the playground before and after.

What fun activities do you do with your kids?

Monday 15 November 2010

Silly Upside Down Photos


Look what we scored on the weekend.  Noah's cousins have outgrown this fantastic Lego table and it's come to our place for Noah to discover the love of Lego.  Let's be perfectly honest and say that it is Daddy who is way more excited than Noah at this stage - ready to reclaim his childhood through hundred of little coloured bricks.  When I say hundreds I really mean it - well over one thousand pieces of Lego came with this gift.  Rob and I spent 3 hours sorting through it all and separating all the tiny pieces from the bigger 2 year old useable pieces.  At the moment we're still only using the Duplo but I'm sure the transition is not too far away.

It has a lot of sentimental value to receive toys that have been loved and used by cousins.  In fact Rob spent hours putting this together several years ago * so Jake and Abbey would find it delivered from Santa in the morning so it's extra special.

Do your kids love Lego?  Do you?? How about your little boy in a man's body?

 *My sister is a single mum.

Friday 12 November 2010

Favourite Things

So I didn't get Oprah tickets and I'm a little bit devastated.  I've always loved Miss O but I also really wanted to be at the Sydney shows because I suspect there might be some great giveaways and lots of screaming housewives.

So in the spirit of Oprah I though I would share with you some of my favourite things for kids at the moment.

Baby's Got Style - I absolutely love this website for great kids toys and clothes. They ship your order super super fast too so great for last minute shopping.

One of my recent finds is this adorable Rock your Baby dress for a friend's little girl for Christmas (spoiler alert Julia)

Noah is also currently sporting this Electric Boy t-shirt and it has got loads of comments (it's a darker green than this - bad picture)  I love finding clothes that are a little bit different.  We have a no 'merchandise' rule in this house so you'll never see Noah in a Wiggles Shirt (thank god he doesn't even know who they are), Thomas (aaargghh don't even get me started on Thomas) or any other kids movies/TV shows.

Another store I get loads of stuff from is Bambini Pronto.  At the moment if you spend over $100 you get $10 back use the code 10BACK at checkout. Valid until December 17th

Check out this Wooden Fire Station what little boy wouldn't want to see this waiting for him on Christmas morning.  I really would love to buy it for Noah but we have already bought his 'big' present.  

Another cute shirt that Noah is currently wearing from Bambini Pronto.  It's by Three Little Trees and each shirt comes with seeds to plant.  A lady stopped us at the zoo this week to ask where to buy this shirt.

Who wouldn't love this Sophie the Giraffe toy storage in their nursery or playroom - ADORABLE

Lastly I am totally loving right now writing letters to Santa with Noah and my work kids.  We have posted ours and are eagerly waiting a reply.  Noah asked for ham and olives even though that's what he eats for lunch every day!!  With a little bit more prying I managed to get him to cough up that he would like a gruffalo toy so that has been ordered and is winging it's way to us this week.

If you want to write a letter with your child you can send it to Santa, North Pole 9999 (In Australia only) and it needs to be sent by December 17th to receive a reply.  Make sure to include a return address.  This is through Australia Post but I know there are many companies you can do it through if you have a look - they usually charge about $10.  

We are going to do it every year and keep them in his memory box.  It should be fun to look back at what he asked for over the years.

Did you get Oprah tickets? Share with me some of your favourite things if you like.  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Are you almost finished like me??  

Thursday 11 November 2010

Project Spring Clean

I've started on my mission to clean, tidy and organise every corner of my house.

Today's tasks were the First Aid kit and the pantry.

Here is a before picture of all the medicine and first aid stuff gathered from different places around the house.

Now here it is all sorted and in pretty containers

We have a lot of medicines in our house but we really do need them all. The white box front right is Noah's - it has his spacer and ventolin (asthma), nail clippers, thermometer, ear drops plus band aids and any bits needed for cleaning up cuts and scrapes (antiseptic cream, steri strips, bandages) One of the red ones is all of our 'kid' medicines - panadol, cough medicine etc.  The second red one is extra bandages, band aids etc.  the white box back left is adult medicine - panadol, antihistamine, gastro medicine, cold and flu etc. The red tub is our vitamins and medicines which we take every morning - I'm gonna keep this one on the bench.

It's all stored together now on the top shelf of the pantry which means that we have an extra shelf free in the bathroom for when I get in there and re-organise.  Also it's all out of Noah's reach as he gets to that age where he might explore and think he's found a yummy treat (why do they make medicine look so similar to lollies??)

Our pantry is always full to the brim.  We only have small kitchen so the pantry doubles as general storage.  The entire bottom shelf is tupperware type stuff.  The middle 2 shelves are where the food is.  Top shelf is now holding all the first aid (right hand side) and the left is all my cake decorating/baking supplies.

I'm pretty confident that these new systems are going to last and help keep things more organised.

How is your pantry looking?  When was the last time you checked expiry dates on all the medication you're storing??

By the way - if you've spotted the very el cheapo cask wine and the bottle of sherry - they're for cooking - I swear!!


And the award for worst mother goes to........Me.

Guess who left a Stanley knife on the kitchen table??  Guess which two year old found it and cut his finger playing with it??

In my defence they are usually stored in a high cupboard but I was still using it so it had not been put away yet.  Secondly the blade was down and I had used the lock. Thirdly I only left it unattended for 5 minutes and it was in a pile of junk right in the middle of the table.

The kid is just too smart and adventurous what can I say.  Luckily it only resulted in a small(ish) cut.  I'm so lucky - it could have been way way worse.  I don't even like to think about the possibilities.  Lesson learned.

Have your toddlers had any near misses??

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Jack Andrys

Rottnest Photos

Photo by Jack Andrys

Our trip to Rottnest was perfect.  Besides being a fabulous holiday it was a great way to rest and recover from my little surprise surgery.

We had such a wonderful time we have booked bungalows to go back for a week same time next year.  We were there with 4 other families and their children who are all in the same age range.  The kids loved spending so much time together and the island is really well geared for families so it's a very relaxing holiday.

We spent our days cycling and at the beach and enjoyed some lovely afternoons relaxing at the family friendly pub overlooking the sparkling blue ocean .

The day started with a ferry cancellation so we visited Marine Discover Centre while we waited

All ready to board the ferry

It was still a rough ride even with the delayed departure

The quokkas at the pub soon figured out there was a buffet of food under our table

Throughout the days Leuca kept asking 'Are we still at Rottnest?'

First Four Photos by Jack Andrys

Every day was spent on the beach

Photo by Jack Andrys

If we weren't at the beach we were cycling - Noah & Ivy getting around in style

Photo by Jack Andrys

River had a pretty relaxing time!

We spent our last afternoon at the pub - this is the kids sharing their fish and chips


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