Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rottnest Photos

Photo by Jack Andrys

Our trip to Rottnest was perfect.  Besides being a fabulous holiday it was a great way to rest and recover from my little surprise surgery.

We had such a wonderful time we have booked bungalows to go back for a week same time next year.  We were there with 4 other families and their children who are all in the same age range.  The kids loved spending so much time together and the island is really well geared for families so it's a very relaxing holiday.

We spent our days cycling and at the beach and enjoyed some lovely afternoons relaxing at the family friendly pub overlooking the sparkling blue ocean .

The day started with a ferry cancellation so we visited Marine Discover Centre while we waited

All ready to board the ferry

It was still a rough ride even with the delayed departure

The quokkas at the pub soon figured out there was a buffet of food under our table

Throughout the days Leuca kept asking 'Are we still at Rottnest?'

First Four Photos by Jack Andrys

Every day was spent on the beach

Photo by Jack Andrys

If we weren't at the beach we were cycling - Noah & Ivy getting around in style

Photo by Jack Andrys

River had a pretty relaxing time!

We spent our last afternoon at the pub - this is the kids sharing their fish and chips

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  1. Great shots - some could be postcard pics! Looks like a great time had :-)


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