Friday 12 November 2010

Favourite Things

So I didn't get Oprah tickets and I'm a little bit devastated.  I've always loved Miss O but I also really wanted to be at the Sydney shows because I suspect there might be some great giveaways and lots of screaming housewives.

So in the spirit of Oprah I though I would share with you some of my favourite things for kids at the moment.

Baby's Got Style - I absolutely love this website for great kids toys and clothes. They ship your order super super fast too so great for last minute shopping.

One of my recent finds is this adorable Rock your Baby dress for a friend's little girl for Christmas (spoiler alert Julia)

Noah is also currently sporting this Electric Boy t-shirt and it has got loads of comments (it's a darker green than this - bad picture)  I love finding clothes that are a little bit different.  We have a no 'merchandise' rule in this house so you'll never see Noah in a Wiggles Shirt (thank god he doesn't even know who they are), Thomas (aaargghh don't even get me started on Thomas) or any other kids movies/TV shows.

Another store I get loads of stuff from is Bambini Pronto.  At the moment if you spend over $100 you get $10 back use the code 10BACK at checkout. Valid until December 17th

Check out this Wooden Fire Station what little boy wouldn't want to see this waiting for him on Christmas morning.  I really would love to buy it for Noah but we have already bought his 'big' present.  

Another cute shirt that Noah is currently wearing from Bambini Pronto.  It's by Three Little Trees and each shirt comes with seeds to plant.  A lady stopped us at the zoo this week to ask where to buy this shirt.

Who wouldn't love this Sophie the Giraffe toy storage in their nursery or playroom - ADORABLE

Lastly I am totally loving right now writing letters to Santa with Noah and my work kids.  We have posted ours and are eagerly waiting a reply.  Noah asked for ham and olives even though that's what he eats for lunch every day!!  With a little bit more prying I managed to get him to cough up that he would like a gruffalo toy so that has been ordered and is winging it's way to us this week.

If you want to write a letter with your child you can send it to Santa, North Pole 9999 (In Australia only) and it needs to be sent by December 17th to receive a reply.  Make sure to include a return address.  This is through Australia Post but I know there are many companies you can do it through if you have a look - they usually charge about $10.  

We are going to do it every year and keep them in his memory box.  It should be fun to look back at what he asked for over the years.

Did you get Oprah tickets? Share with me some of your favourite things if you like.  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Are you almost finished like me??  


  1. Hi Momma... I stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi. I too am a stay at home mom and always wanted to go see Oprah but I'm in Canada and she never came here =(

    Enjoying your blog.
    Momma J.

  2. Sophie the Giraffe is everywhere now! What a floozy.


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