Monday, 15 November 2010


Look what we scored on the weekend.  Noah's cousins have outgrown this fantastic Lego table and it's come to our place for Noah to discover the love of Lego.  Let's be perfectly honest and say that it is Daddy who is way more excited than Noah at this stage - ready to reclaim his childhood through hundred of little coloured bricks.  When I say hundreds I really mean it - well over one thousand pieces of Lego came with this gift.  Rob and I spent 3 hours sorting through it all and separating all the tiny pieces from the bigger 2 year old useable pieces.  At the moment we're still only using the Duplo but I'm sure the transition is not too far away.

It has a lot of sentimental value to receive toys that have been loved and used by cousins.  In fact Rob spent hours putting this together several years ago * so Jake and Abbey would find it delivered from Santa in the morning so it's extra special.

Do your kids love Lego?  Do you?? How about your little boy in a man's body?

 *My sister is a single mum.

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  1. The royals are jealous of your Lego table!! ;-)


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