Thursday, 4 November 2010

One of those days...

Do you ever have those days when you just want to throw your arms up and give up??  What am I talking about of course you do - especially if you're a mum.

Yesterday I just had one of those mornings where events conspired to frustrate me until almost the point of tears.  Nothing that happened was Noah's fault but he certainly added an extra degree of difficulty and none of it was really that bad but it was 36 degrees and I nearly lost it.

Anyhow here it is.  I took Noah to Spotlight - almost seems enough really - a 2 year old in spotlight!!  On the way he suddenly had a craving for 'snakes' which he soon made me aware of - about 100 times.  So I promised if he was a good boy while I was shopping on the way home I would buy snakes - done.

The catch here is a 2 year old has no concept of time and waiting well over an hour seems like a lifetime.  He also doesn't really grab the idea of - be good first = snakes later.  A 2 year old boy wants what he wants and he wants it now.

So off we went - I wanted fabric, some craft stuff, a couple of cushions, Christmas wrap etc - basically I needed to go to every section in the store.  Noah was pretty good but it was a long shopping trip (and I couldn't find any of the things I was looking for).

After we went through the checkout we saw a vending machine and it just so happened to have a bag of starburst snakes in it.  So at this point I'm actually thinking how lucky I am.  I won't have to stop at the shops and Noah will get his snakes - all will be well in the universe.

I didn't have any coins so I told Noah we would put the shopping in the car then return the trolley and get our $2 back so we could buy snakes - still doing OK. (Don't even get me started on the palaver of needing $2 to get a trolley at Spotlight)

We exit the shop into the searing heat, cross the road to the car and I start that fumble in the bottom of my (huge) handbag for the keys.  It became apparent pretty quickly that they weren't there.  By this time Noah's cry for snakes had reached a fever pitch.  I was on the floor in the parking lot with the contents of handbag spread around me starting to go into panic.  I'd been around the whole store and I knew finding those keys was going to be a nightmare.  While I'm looking for the keys and kinda freaking out (there's no spare - my husband lost it on holiday in Melbourne back in August) Noah is all about the snakes and he almost runs in front of a car.

Eventually we go inside, park the trolley in a corner and start the search.  They keys showed up after about 10 minutes and we were on our way but we still needed those bloody snakes so I still had to fart around unloading the trolley into the car and getting my blasted $2 back.

In the middle of all that I got a message from my cleaner saying she had gone to my house but there was a workman there so she left. Noooooo I still need the other 80% of the house he's not working in cleaned.  Another panic which was eventually sorted out.

All sorted in the end but it was just one of those days.

How was your day??  Have you ever lost your car keys? Did you find them?

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