Monday, 8 November 2010

Super Organiser Mum

I aspire to be super organised.  I like things clean and neat but this blogging mum takes things to a whole new level.  If you need help organising almost anything Jade will have done it on her blog.  She also has lots of ideas for beautiful parties and holiday decorations and craft.  Trust me you will love her.

At our house we have just had an amazing new cabinet built in our downstairs family room.  It stretches over 5 metres wide and goes all the way to the ceiling.  It replaces a hodge podge of book shelves and TV cabinets that used to line the wall.  Not only is it sexy looking it has doubled our storage space.  We always need more storage space at our house.  My father in law (Mr Minimalist) quipped that what we need is less stuff - probably true.

Anyway we are having a HUGE spring clean inspired by our new cabinet.  My goal for November is to literally go through every cupboard and drawer in every room and re-organise the way it is stored.

Over the weekend my mum and husband cleaned our whole front and backyard with a high pressure hose.  No more weeds, no more spiders (or webs) and absolutely no dirt.  We have the cleanest pavers in Perth.

I'll share some of my jobs along the way.  I'm also gearing up to host a mums and bubs christmas party at my house so there should be lots of fun craft and baking projects to share too.

What's happening at your place????

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