Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I think Poppy's a boy!!!

26 weeks gone 77 days to go.

We are moving along through this pregnancy and I am thrilled that we are being induced early. It could actually be as early as 36 weeks - making it only 70 days to go. At the very latest Poppy will be arriving at 37 weeks.

The weekend just gone was the equivalent time in our pregnancy that we last Banjo so we were feeling quite stressed out anyway and then we received a call from our OB at 10am on Saturday morning. One thing you would all know is that a call on the weekend from any Doctor is not good news.

Our bad news came in the form of a positive test result for Group B Strep (the bacteria that was believed to have been the cause of Banjo's death). It just happened to coincide with a weekend we were already on tenterhooks plus I had been experiencing a lack of movement from Poppy. We were asked to go directly to the hospital for scans and so that I could be placed on IV antibiotics.

The scan was not very reassuring as even though bubs heart rate was fine she was not really moving at all (compared to our normally very active baby you would have heard me talk about). The Doctor of course assured us that if the heart rate was normal we had nothing to worry about but it's very hard to be convinced in this situation.

I had a cannula inserted in my wrist and had a dose of the antibiotics with instructions to return at 6pm and midnight for 2 further doses. We did all this and on Sunday I started on a 5 day course of oral antibiotics.

Since Sunday Poppy's movements have returned to normal which is great and who knows if it was all a huge coincidence or if we got to her just in time with the antibiotics.

One thing I know for sure is this pregnancy is really hard and stressful. It's so much more difficult than I thought it would be. I honestly thought I could put what happened before behind me and use my logical brain to know that chances of a repeat of events is millions to one. It just isn't so - I feel like I am going to lose my mind and I must have cried at least once a day for the last 6 months.

Thank you to all of you who constantly support Rob & I - I'm only just realising how much you are all on tenterhooks as well. Poppy is going to do us all proud - I really believe that.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

As of tomorrow I am 25 weeks pregnant. This is the stage of pregnancy that we lost Banjo so I have been a bit nervous for this baby and obviously thinking about him a lot as well.

My obstetrician in her infinite wisdom had me in for a scan today to try and quell some of my nerves. It was also a chance to chart the baby's measurements and see how he/she is developing. The good news is that Poppy is growing well, the bad news is it's actually too well and I'm carrying a future 10 pounder - OUCH!! Unfortunately this also means that that nasty 'C' word has now come into play but we still have plenty of time to make that decision. There is a chance that poppy will slow down and not continue to grow at such a rapid rate. For those of you that are now wondering whether my bad eating habits and propensity to be a fatty are growing me a fat baby - don't worry I wondered too - but the doctor assured me it's purely genetic. In that case I am blaming Rob - here's the picture of Rob as a baby - you be the judge.

The scan was really enjoyable though and bubs is moving around like a circus contortionist - nice to see - not nice to photograph so not many cute pictures to share. We do have 2 cute one's of poppy's feet though - enjoy.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Day Off ?????

Today I had a very rare but most welcome day off.

This is how it went.

Out of bed at 7am (yay a sleep in)
Make Rob's breakfast and pack his lunch
Feed the 3 animals and supervise that no-one steals anyone else's food
Strip the linen off the bed and put on a load of washing
Make and eat my breakfast
8.30am Go to my friend Adina's house to watch her kids while she goes for a run
Home by 9.15
Clean the house from top to bottom (with the much appreciated help of my gorgeous, kind, generous sister Holly - she told me to say that stuff about her (he he))
12.30 Sit at the computer and pay bills and sort out mail and paperwork, mail off a couple of cheques
1.15 Write a shopping list, go to Whitfords to do the grocery shopping, go to the post office etc etc ( I squeezed in some time reading a magazine in a cafe with a nice lunch and also had a quick pedicure at the 'sweat shop')
Home by 3.30ish Put away all the groceries, hang out and bring in some washing, do a couple more loads.
4.45 Sitting on the couch with my feet up (my gorgeous newly polished feet that is)
6.00 Go to the Pool and do 25 minutes in the walking lane followed by a relaxing 20 minutes in the spa.
Home 7.15 Write this Blog

Off now to cook dinner - I think it's easier going to work


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