Monday 31 August 2009

Getting up to date

Hi guys - such a long time between chats and I've really missed being in touch with you all. I know some of you are very faithful and check in regularly which can be so frustrating when a blog isn't being updated. Last time we caught up Noah had just celebrated his first birthday and we were recovering from his party.

Two days after that I started Uni and literally straight away was given an assignment worth 60% of the unit grade - very daunting. I've been working away all morning and I have the first part ready which is due in tomorrow. I feel I have earned some time to chat with my internet friends.

Noah is doing so well and growing like a weed. He is so mobile and can go up and down the stairs like a champ plus he loves to climb all over everything. (Fun for him - scary for Rob and I) Walking is not happening yet but he is certainly showing signs of progress and shouldn't be far off. He is so full of personality and is learning new 'tricks' all the time. He loves to wave and clap and can point out his nose and his head with a bit of prompting. It's so fun to teach him new things and watch them click in his brain.

During the week we had a very strange incident when Noah's cot fell apart while he was sleeping in it!! Luckily I was awake and heard a noise so went investigating. The baby shop and the cot manufacturer all sprung into action quick smart and we had a new upgraded cot delivered and installed by the next afternoon. A bit frightening but Noah slept through the whole ordeal so all's well that ends well I say.

On Saturday was Rob's birthday so we had some lovely family time and several catch ups with family and friends. Noah really enjoyed the celebrations and seemed to understand something special was going on. He loved having all the visitors and really put on a show for everyone with all his funny little ways.

Out and about on his birthday trike

All the kids enjoying bath time

A belated birthday visit to Banjo

Waking Daddy up on his birthday morning
But can I get a drink if i do this cute face??!!

A rare family shot


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