Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dear Noah

It’s almost impossible to believe that you are 11 months old (plus 1 week to be exact) Today we have visited the health nurse to get an update on all your vital statistics – which are as follows.

Your weight is 11.55kgs which is the 90th percentile and your height is 79cms - 97th percentile. These numbers mean nothing though and could never even begin to tell the story of who you are.

You are just an amazing funny little boy so full of personality – constantly amazing Daddy and I and making our hearts melt.

At the moment your favourite ‘trick’ is Ta. You love to say it and hold out whatever you have for someone to take from you. You haven’t completely mastered letting go though and find this aspect of the game particularly funny. You offer the goods up say ta then pull them away as we reach for them then repeat it over and over and over. Sometimes you let us pry things from your hand and then love to receive them back with a very enthusiastic TA.

Waving is another favourite thing to do although it isn’t usually at the appropriate times. Random waving is your style. You used to love to do high fives but they seem to be on the back burner for now which is a shame because you were just so cute with them. What always amazed me was that you seemed to know they were really daggy but loved them anyway. As we held up a palm and said high five you would break into a big grin and reach out your pudgy hand to grab ours (not technically a high 5 but we knew what you meant).

You think kisses are hilarious and always crack up when we try to plant one on you – I can’t wait to get my first proper kiss in return.

You absolutely love being tickled and never fail to get a good belly laugh going. Now that I think about it you just love to laugh and it’s just such an infectious wonderful sound when you do.

Roaring like a lion is a favourite too. At first it was only in response to being roared at but eventually you would roar if you saw a picture of a lion or if we said ‘What does the lion do?’ Very impressive.

You are so nimble on your feet now and are into absolutely everything. You’re a one man demolition team. If it’s not nailed down it’s fair game. You move furniture, open drawers and climb – it’s hard to keep up.

On the other hand you are completely infatuated with a lovely pink baby doll. When she is offered to you a big smiles comes across your face and you always reach forth with open arms to give her one of your special cuddles. Many times I have watched you in my rear view mirror as you nurse her or suck on her foot - but whatever you do it is usually very gentle and you seem to understand that's what babies need.

Although you can be very rough and tumble you are so loving and kind and give the best hugs (especially when you have just woken up).

The month ahead is going to be full of so many great things for you and I am so looking forward to celebrating your very first birthday with all the trimmings.

Love Mummy

Monday, 29 June 2009

Good Bye Olivia

Well Olivia has gone home today and we are certainly going to miss her. We have all thoroughly enjoyed having her visit and Noah especially has had a wonderful 5 days. Poor Olivia will be glad of the break from Noah - I think it was quite an adjustment for an only child to be constantly followed and harassed by a very inquisitive and somewhat relentless baby.

She was absolutely amazing to have been so good without her Mummy and Daddy for 5 days - in fact when they picked her up today she promptly informed us all she was coming back to stay again in 2 days time.

We got up to lots of fun activities while Livvy was visiting but the best of all was our trip to the State Library yesterday. Any of you that have kids should absolutely get them along there. It's free of course but it has such great facilities for kids of all ages. The whole mezzanine level is dedicated to kids and there is dress-ups and hand puppets and colouring in plus tents and toys and of course hundreds of great kids books. There is even a gallery of original artwork from kids books. We went on the train (my new favourite way to travel -$9 for the whole family all day - bargain) and spent quite a few hours enjoying the library. Especially a great day out on rainy days and I think there's special activities during the school holidays as well - all free.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Camping Photos

More sights of Melbourne

I couldn't resist sharing some of these shots too - Melbourne is such a beautiful, lively city to photograph and let's face it there's only so many pictures of Noah I can show at once!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Melbourne Photos

About to board the plane from Perth

The Meeting of the Second Cousins??? (Rob's Cousin Emma's son Riley)

Enjoying a beer on the Yarra

The view from Pa's house over the Maribyrnong River

Noah's first Tram ride

Feeding Mummy at the local cafe

Rob and Pa out and about in the city

My boys enjoying their drink of choice at Young and Jackson

Cruising around before heading to the airport

Home Again

Hi Everyone

We got home from Melbourne last night and both Rob and I are straight back into work today. We had an absolutely wonderful time showing Noah off to all the family. For some it was their first time meeting him and for others it was a chance to see how much he had changed since they had last visited us in Perth.

The flight over was delayed by half an hour so we departed at 8pm by which time Noah was way past his bedtime which meant he slept for the entire flight including the landing. Yesterday we departed at 5pm so we had to wrestle Noah to keep still during the first hour then he slept for 2 hours and woke up for the last hour. All in all he was a good flyer and we're feeling fairly confident about our flight to Adelaide next week.

While in Melbourne we mostly spent our time relaxing around the De Roach family home in Avondale Heights. The house was built by Rob's Pa 50 years ago and has amazing views over the Maribyrnong River. We walked Noah around the river each morning for his naptime and it was just so relaxing.

On Sunday afternoon Pa and Bron hosted an afternoon tea for us and everyone came from both sides of Rob's family. It was a lovely way to see everyone with our very limited time.

Despite all the warnings we really didn't find it very cold at all and in fact I think we left behind worse weather in Perth. Even the Melbourians were complaining about the cold and of course it was several degrees colder but everywhere is so overheated I found myself stripping off layers and being very glad for the cool fresh breeze when we stepped out of the house or a cafe.

Today Olivia arrived for her 5 day sleepover while her parents enjoy their first solo holiday in over 3 years. She is such a delight to have around and I'm so glad to be able to give them an opportunity to get away - Singapore - very jealous of the sunny weather they'll be having.

Obviously I took hundreds of photos of Noah on his first holiday and I will share them with you all soon.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Yippee Holidays

I've gotten over the house disaster now and I'm focused on our holidays. Tomorrow we're off to Melbourne for 4 days so that Noah can not only see Pa and Bron (Rob's Grandparents) again, but also meet a whole slew of family and friends for the first time. I'm really looking forward to the time away together and of course even a whirlwind visit to Melbourne is always fantastic.

After Melbourne we're home for 9 days (5 of which we have Olivia as a house guest while her parents holiday in Singapore) then we're off to Adelaide for 10 days.

It's a busy month ahead and it's been a busy month past.

Noah recovered well (if a little bit slower than expected) from his unexplained illness that saw us spend a weekend at PMH. He's had a cold since but it came and went without too much fuss.

Teeth number 7 and 8 have been pushing through over the last month and are pretty much done now. 8 teeth in total means that Noah's quite the little chomper and can manage most foods with ease now - when the fancy takes him.

A couple of weeks ago we took an absolutely fantastic camping trip to Dwellingup with Jac, Ben and Finn and Gem, Mike and Leuca. It was freezing cold and nobody got a lot of sleep but we all had a wonderful time. Most of the time we just hung around the fire reading, cuddling babies and sipping on hot tea. There was also some mountain biking, some canoeing and plenty of relaxation. Photos will of course be uploaded asap ( who doesn't love a baby in a knitted beanie!!)

Over the long weekend Rob, Noah and I along with Kylie took a day trip to Mandurah on the train with our bikes. I can thoroughly recommend such an outing for any family. It's so nice just to get out and do something different. It's really cheap for an all day pass for a family on the train ($less than $9.00) and then we just rode around had some fish and chips and lots of coffee breaks. There is also a bus that takes you from the train station into Mandurah if you don't do the bike thing.

Noah has also recently had his first trip to AQWA (Aquarium of WA) and to the Art Gallery and both times his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Rob and I are just loving taking him to new and exciting places and letting him constantly explore the wonder of different surroundings. Noah is always so interested and really seems to take it all in. Over the weekend when we were trawling 'home opens' he even loved checking out the different houses - he's so much fun to be with - we just fall more and more in love every day.

Anyway must go and pack now and I'll be back next week with tales of Melbourne and lots of pictures of all our adventures over the last month.

Love to you all XX Kirsty

Monday, 15 June 2009


I'm very sad and you are the only people available to pour my heart out to. My husband is at squash and my mum is in bed so I'm here all alone with a bad case of the blues. On the weekend Rob and I put an offer on a beautiful house in Joondalup - it's almost our dream house - definitely our dream within the budget house. Anyway we had an offer accepted subject to the sale of our house. We have spent the last 2 days scrubbing our house into tip top shape to go on the market this weekend. Tonight the agent came to sign the paperwork for our sale and he informed me that another offer on "our" house in Joondalup had come in and the owners had invoked the 48 hour clause. That means we now have until 8.15pm Wednesday night to make our offer unconditional or the rich investors get to buy our new family home. Obviously we cannot buy the new house without selling ours first so that my friends is the end of that dream. I'm really sad - we absolutely loved the new house and although we said to ourselves that we would leave it in the hands of fate - right now I can't believe that there is ever going to be another house we'll love so much.


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