Thursday, 18 June 2009

Yippee Holidays

I've gotten over the house disaster now and I'm focused on our holidays. Tomorrow we're off to Melbourne for 4 days so that Noah can not only see Pa and Bron (Rob's Grandparents) again, but also meet a whole slew of family and friends for the first time. I'm really looking forward to the time away together and of course even a whirlwind visit to Melbourne is always fantastic.

After Melbourne we're home for 9 days (5 of which we have Olivia as a house guest while her parents holiday in Singapore) then we're off to Adelaide for 10 days.

It's a busy month ahead and it's been a busy month past.

Noah recovered well (if a little bit slower than expected) from his unexplained illness that saw us spend a weekend at PMH. He's had a cold since but it came and went without too much fuss.

Teeth number 7 and 8 have been pushing through over the last month and are pretty much done now. 8 teeth in total means that Noah's quite the little chomper and can manage most foods with ease now - when the fancy takes him.

A couple of weeks ago we took an absolutely fantastic camping trip to Dwellingup with Jac, Ben and Finn and Gem, Mike and Leuca. It was freezing cold and nobody got a lot of sleep but we all had a wonderful time. Most of the time we just hung around the fire reading, cuddling babies and sipping on hot tea. There was also some mountain biking, some canoeing and plenty of relaxation. Photos will of course be uploaded asap ( who doesn't love a baby in a knitted beanie!!)

Over the long weekend Rob, Noah and I along with Kylie took a day trip to Mandurah on the train with our bikes. I can thoroughly recommend such an outing for any family. It's so nice just to get out and do something different. It's really cheap for an all day pass for a family on the train ($less than $9.00) and then we just rode around had some fish and chips and lots of coffee breaks. There is also a bus that takes you from the train station into Mandurah if you don't do the bike thing.

Noah has also recently had his first trip to AQWA (Aquarium of WA) and to the Art Gallery and both times his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Rob and I are just loving taking him to new and exciting places and letting him constantly explore the wonder of different surroundings. Noah is always so interested and really seems to take it all in. Over the weekend when we were trawling 'home opens' he even loved checking out the different houses - he's so much fun to be with - we just fall more and more in love every day.

Anyway must go and pack now and I'll be back next week with tales of Melbourne and lots of pictures of all our adventures over the last month.

Love to you all XX Kirsty

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