Wednesday 24 June 2009

Home Again

Hi Everyone

We got home from Melbourne last night and both Rob and I are straight back into work today. We had an absolutely wonderful time showing Noah off to all the family. For some it was their first time meeting him and for others it was a chance to see how much he had changed since they had last visited us in Perth.

The flight over was delayed by half an hour so we departed at 8pm by which time Noah was way past his bedtime which meant he slept for the entire flight including the landing. Yesterday we departed at 5pm so we had to wrestle Noah to keep still during the first hour then he slept for 2 hours and woke up for the last hour. All in all he was a good flyer and we're feeling fairly confident about our flight to Adelaide next week.

While in Melbourne we mostly spent our time relaxing around the De Roach family home in Avondale Heights. The house was built by Rob's Pa 50 years ago and has amazing views over the Maribyrnong River. We walked Noah around the river each morning for his naptime and it was just so relaxing.

On Sunday afternoon Pa and Bron hosted an afternoon tea for us and everyone came from both sides of Rob's family. It was a lovely way to see everyone with our very limited time.

Despite all the warnings we really didn't find it very cold at all and in fact I think we left behind worse weather in Perth. Even the Melbourians were complaining about the cold and of course it was several degrees colder but everywhere is so overheated I found myself stripping off layers and being very glad for the cool fresh breeze when we stepped out of the house or a cafe.

Today Olivia arrived for her 5 day sleepover while her parents enjoy their first solo holiday in over 3 years. She is such a delight to have around and I'm so glad to be able to give them an opportunity to get away - Singapore - very jealous of the sunny weather they'll be having.

Obviously I took hundreds of photos of Noah on his first holiday and I will share them with you all soon.

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