Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Letter to Harper 3 months

Dear Harper ( aka Harpsie, Harps, Harpsie Bear, Harpsichord)

13 weeks ago you made your grand entrance.  In some ways it seems so much longer but it also feels like just yesterday.  It had just been Daddy, Mummy and Noah for such a long while and at times we had almost given up on having another baby so it seems very surreal now to have you here.

You are a beautiful baby and we are all absolutely smitten with you especially your doting, if at times, too enthusiastic big brother.

It is uncanny how much you look like Noah did as a baby.  We are excited for the future and to see how you grow and change and how alike the two of you end up.

One things for sure you both have a total disregard for sleep and like to cry A LOT.  You do like your sleep and are quite easy to get off to sleep but you just like to check in for some milk and cuddles every 2 or 3 hours day and night.  You are certainly not a fan of the car either which is a shame because it was one of our tricks to get your brother to sleep but you prefer to scream in the car.

You are very clever and have already rolled both ways a few times but it's not a daily trick yet.  You love kisses and really try to kiss back - mostly sticking your tongue in but we get the message.

We're all really tired and so far it's been a challenging journey but it's all worth it when you give us one of your big gummy smiles.  You are a beautiful delightful baby and we are so happy you're here.  We have so many adventures planned for you but for right now we are enjoying your delicious baby face because we have learnt that the time goes ever so fast and it is too precious to waste.

Love Mummy


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