Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Braxton Hicks

I just realised today that some of what I thought were baby movements over the last couple of weeks were actually Braxton Hicks contractions. I had been thinking the baby moved around more than I had expected so it makes sense now. I was laying on the couch when all of a sudden the penny dropped and I realised that some of the 'kicks' I was getting were quite noticeably different than the others. So I did some research on a pregnancy website and sure enough the description matched what I was feeling. Apparently they commonly start from around 20 weeks, luckily mine are very much painless although they do feel strange. Some unlucky women get quite painful ones which last through to the end of their pregnancy - aaagh!!

Rob and I are in a really cruisey phase of life right now - the nursery is done and the next stage of house renovations isn't starting for about a month - so we're able to really relax and enjoy ourselves. It's such a weird feeling after literally the last 2 or 3 years never having time free to go with the flow. We're astounded every time we realise we have a whole weekend to ourselves to do anything we choose. Obviously we know it won't last long so we're relishing it.

In a few weeks we have Rob's annual company retreat where his company takes all the staff and their families away for a weekend down south - this year we're staying at the luxury Bunker Bay Resort. Can't wait - what's better than an all expenses paid weekend?! It'll probably be our last holiday for a long while without a baby so we're definitely going to make the most of it.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Cute Cot Linen

The most beautiful nursery ever!!!

The nursery renovations are basically complete now and Rob has been hard at work assembling all the furniture. Imagine my delight when yesterday I arrived home from yoga to find this beautiful room all ready for a gorgeous new baby.

My favourite thing is the beautiful bird counting art border. Check out how cute the cot linen is too.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Nursery Renovations - "Rob the Builder"

These are the pictures of the junk room starting to become a nursery for Jellybean. Lucky us Laura came to help out and offer some much needed advice for the painting. Then Rob and I did the floorboards using the expert lessons Rob had learnt from John Nicholson when they did our bedroom the week before. The green walls are a bit scary at the moment while the room's empty but I think it'll be great once we put the furniture in this weekend.

My fat belly - 22 weeks

Thursday, 14 June 2007

What's New

Life is rolling along and I'm feeling fit and healthy (maybe a little too healthy - I've started putting on weight!!). Our little jellybean is very active which is really cool although still not enough for Rob to feel the movements. The nursery renovations are almost done after a weekend of painting and floorboard laying. We've got to assemble the furniture this weekend and then it'll be all set up. I'm so excited to see it all finished and ready for our new arrival. Then I'll just have to wait patiently for the next 18 weeks to pass - I hope it goes quickly we can't wait to meet our new son or daughter. Love to you all Kirsty, Rob and Jellybean

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Rob and I have been reading a cute poetry book called "I'm a Big Bellied Babe" written by Rebecca Turkich. All the poetry is about pregnancy and motherhood and it's really lovely. Initially I was reading it myself and then I started reading it to the baby and now Rob reads it to me and the baby. I thought I'd include one of the poems for you to enjoy. It's called Sweet Baby.

From dawn's glorious touch on each new day
I pray that to me you will make your way
I'm so eager for your life to begin
I long to discover you growing within

Come, my sweet baby, my heart's open wide
I promise vast love will wrap you inside
To the universe I'll whisper my prayer
Until of you I am blessedly aware

Long Weekend

Wow what a fantastic long weekend. We are having the most beautiful 'winter' weather at the moment in Perth. It's cold at night but the days are clear and sunny and absolutely glorious.

We had an action packed weekend but it was lots of fun. We caught up with lots of friends and family and watched movies and relaxed as well as starting some renovations we've got planned before the baby arrives.

Rob & John Nicholson worked hard ripping up carpet and laying floorboards in our bedroom. The nursery floors will be done in a couple of weekends time after the walls have been painted. I can't wait to get the nursery all set up with all the lovely bits and pieces we (I) have started to collect. We've chosen a gorgeous green colour called garden fantasy for the walls and bought some really cute cot linen with a giraffe and birds and insects on them. It's a bit hard to visualise so I'll post some pictures of it as the renovations begin and then of the finished room.

I'm still continuing on with my maternity yoga which is really good and it's nice to talk to other women and compare notes. A girl in the class is on her own having her baby and she was quite emotional about it on Saturday so we all tried to comfort her and talk about it. It made me realise how lucky Rob and I are to be going through this wonderful experience together and to be able to start a family together and share our huge love not only with each other but our new addition.


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