Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Rob and I have been reading a cute poetry book called "I'm a Big Bellied Babe" written by Rebecca Turkich. All the poetry is about pregnancy and motherhood and it's really lovely. Initially I was reading it myself and then I started reading it to the baby and now Rob reads it to me and the baby. I thought I'd include one of the poems for you to enjoy. It's called Sweet Baby.

From dawn's glorious touch on each new day
I pray that to me you will make your way
I'm so eager for your life to begin
I long to discover you growing within

Come, my sweet baby, my heart's open wide
I promise vast love will wrap you inside
To the universe I'll whisper my prayer
Until of you I am blessedly aware


  1. Hi Kirsty and Rob

    It's wonderful to share your story. We look forward to future updates!

  2. hullo beautiful children and our little jelly bean. We are so excited and delighted that we are soon to welcome into our presence another grandchild. The journey of parenthood is THE trip of a lifetime and we know that you both have all the correct travel documentation to ensure that every kilometre travelled will fill you with joy and wondermentand enable you to ride the bumps with wisdom love and above all humour. we love you. MUM AND DAD BEGGS


Hi thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It is nice to know someone is listening.


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