Saturday, 26 April 2008

Letter to Poppy

Dear Poppy

It's the ANZAC Day long weekend. That means we honour and remember the Aussie diggers who have fought and died in all wars. (Diggers are the blokes that fought in the wars. I don't know why we call them diggers but someone really smart like your Pop Beggs will teach you all those sorts of things - he knows everything. All your other grandparents are really smart too!!)

What it really means is that Mummy and Daddy have 3 days off work and Mummy makes Daddy go grocery shopping with her and do lots of jobs around the house. While I'm writing this Daddy is busy drilling holes in the bathroom to put up our new towel rails. Last weekend we painted the blue bathroom a lovely fresh crisp white - it looks much much better.

You have been very active this week and I love feeling all your little wriggles. On Monday Mummy was being a bit silly and got a bit worried about you so I went to see the Dr but she said you are growing perfectly. Just to be sure though Daddy hired a Doppler (Fetal heart monitor)and now we can check your heart beat anytime we want. Everyone has already had a listen - all your grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins - it's been a real week of show and tell. I felt a bit silly with my fat belly hanging out but your perfect heartbeat really impressed everyone so it was worth it.

I hope you're enjoying your time floating in your warm bath but I have to tell you that in 14 and a half weeks you are coming out to meet us - we can't wait. Keep strong little bubs and I'll see you soon

Love Mummy

Friday, 11 April 2008

Busy Busy

I know I've been very slack in keeping you all up to date but I have been so busy. Between being pregnant and perpetually exhausted and working non-stop plus a very hectic social schedule I haven't had a minute to spare. Today I have scored a free morning because the gorgeous Olivia is unfortunately unwell and not up for our usual Friday morning activities.

I'll start at the beginning - 2 weekends ago Rob and I hosted a lovely Earth Hour dinner party with some of our closest friends. There was 10 of us in total and it was a lovely night of Chilli Mussels and trivia. Of course it was difficult to see what we were eating because we were in total darkness except for the mother load of candles that Rob diligently placed in every corner of the house and backyard. Yes it may have been a fire hazard but it was lots of fun.

Last weekend we had Olivia staying with us from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. She was extremely well behaved and slept well her first time away from Mummy and Daddy (she's 2 plus 2 months). Rob and I had an absolute ball and loved every moment of it. I loved watching Rob with her - he's going to be such an awesome Dad all 'my kids' always adore him.

Yesterday we had our 20 week anatomy scan and we are very pleased to report that Poppy is growing perfectly. We have some pictures which I may post but this is not a very photogenic baby - always in awkward positions and constantly moving - so they're not great.

I've started photographing my growing belly so here it is....

18 weeks plus 3 days - before the earth hour dinner party

20 weeks plus 1 day - on the way to the anatomy scan

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Wriggly Baby

Poppy is starting to make her movements felt and it’s lovely to really feel her and know she’s wriggling around. It wasn’t as dramatic this time around - not like Banjo who I felt move very strongly and suddenly one night as I lay in bed. I can’t really say when exactly I started feeling her move but it’s been happening for about 2 weeks and is slowly getting stronger and more definite.
Obviously this movement is very important to me as it was a lack of movement that alerted me to the fact that something may be wrong with Banjo. I’ll be paying very close attention to the frequency of movement and will no doubt have some heartstopping moments if the poor kid takes a nap!!

Where did my brain go??

Can anybody tell me why I can remember every word of Paula Abdul's 80's track Opposites Attract but I can't remember a single thing I need to do in my day to day life without several lists and never ending reminders in my mobile phone?

My brain is total mush. It's not a new phenomenon for me to have no memory but it really struck me as strange today when that song came on the radio and without having heard it for at least 10-15 years I was able to sing every single tragic word.


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