Saturday, 26 April 2008

Letter to Poppy

Dear Poppy

It's the ANZAC Day long weekend. That means we honour and remember the Aussie diggers who have fought and died in all wars. (Diggers are the blokes that fought in the wars. I don't know why we call them diggers but someone really smart like your Pop Beggs will teach you all those sorts of things - he knows everything. All your other grandparents are really smart too!!)

What it really means is that Mummy and Daddy have 3 days off work and Mummy makes Daddy go grocery shopping with her and do lots of jobs around the house. While I'm writing this Daddy is busy drilling holes in the bathroom to put up our new towel rails. Last weekend we painted the blue bathroom a lovely fresh crisp white - it looks much much better.

You have been very active this week and I love feeling all your little wriggles. On Monday Mummy was being a bit silly and got a bit worried about you so I went to see the Dr but she said you are growing perfectly. Just to be sure though Daddy hired a Doppler (Fetal heart monitor)and now we can check your heart beat anytime we want. Everyone has already had a listen - all your grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins - it's been a real week of show and tell. I felt a bit silly with my fat belly hanging out but your perfect heartbeat really impressed everyone so it was worth it.

I hope you're enjoying your time floating in your warm bath but I have to tell you that in 14 and a half weeks you are coming out to meet us - we can't wait. Keep strong little bubs and I'll see you soon

Love Mummy


  1. Hey Kirsty...those dopplers are the best invention ever, especially for girlies with histories like mine and yours!! I had a doppler on my tummy every night and every morning. That gorgeous heartbeat was the last thing I heard every night and the first thing I would listen to every morning, and it honestly helped me get through each day. It was actually a bit hard to not sneak a listen in the middle of the day too! And don't EVER think you are being have every right to worry and if you need reassurance from doctors every day, then so be it. Everyone understands and no-one thinks you're silly. You have done such an amazing job and there are only 14 and a half weeks to go til that gorgeous little Poppy (or Peppe, whatever the case may be!!) is bundled up in your arms. Til then, keep dopplering away!! Love, Sandra

  2. Hullo Poppy,
    Your Nanna and Pop heard your heart beat on Anzac Day and we were filled with joy.Mummy and daddy are so excited about your
    progress as you grow big enough to
    join them on the outside and so are we.Mummy sent me an email saying that at 23 weeks you can hear sound from outside the womb and that classical music is stimulating and babies like you respond to the beauty of it. I am going to lend mummy some of my classical cd's to play to you in the car. I hope you like them.
    Love Nanna Pam


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