Thursday, 8 May 2008

Day Off ?????

Today I had a very rare but most welcome day off.

This is how it went.

Out of bed at 7am (yay a sleep in)
Make Rob's breakfast and pack his lunch
Feed the 3 animals and supervise that no-one steals anyone else's food
Strip the linen off the bed and put on a load of washing
Make and eat my breakfast
8.30am Go to my friend Adina's house to watch her kids while she goes for a run
Home by 9.15
Clean the house from top to bottom (with the much appreciated help of my gorgeous, kind, generous sister Holly - she told me to say that stuff about her (he he))
12.30 Sit at the computer and pay bills and sort out mail and paperwork, mail off a couple of cheques
1.15 Write a shopping list, go to Whitfords to do the grocery shopping, go to the post office etc etc ( I squeezed in some time reading a magazine in a cafe with a nice lunch and also had a quick pedicure at the 'sweat shop')
Home by 3.30ish Put away all the groceries, hang out and bring in some washing, do a couple more loads.
4.45 Sitting on the couch with my feet up (my gorgeous newly polished feet that is)
6.00 Go to the Pool and do 25 minutes in the walking lane followed by a relaxing 20 minutes in the spa.
Home 7.15 Write this Blog

Off now to cook dinner - I think it's easier going to work

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  1. Ohhh i did not tell you to write that Mrs Deroach!!! haha okay maybe i did say that i deserved a small mention for all my hard work :)) but anyway it was my pleasure to help you. Happy Mothers Day my beautiful will be a wonderful mummy to poppy! Love you sooo much!

    Love Holly


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