Tuesday, 13 May 2008

As of tomorrow I am 25 weeks pregnant. This is the stage of pregnancy that we lost Banjo so I have been a bit nervous for this baby and obviously thinking about him a lot as well.

My obstetrician in her infinite wisdom had me in for a scan today to try and quell some of my nerves. It was also a chance to chart the baby's measurements and see how he/she is developing. The good news is that Poppy is growing well, the bad news is it's actually too well and I'm carrying a future 10 pounder - OUCH!! Unfortunately this also means that that nasty 'C' word has now come into play but we still have plenty of time to make that decision. There is a chance that poppy will slow down and not continue to grow at such a rapid rate. For those of you that are now wondering whether my bad eating habits and propensity to be a fatty are growing me a fat baby - don't worry I wondered too - but the doctor assured me it's purely genetic. In that case I am blaming Rob - here's the picture of Rob as a baby - you be the judge.

The scan was really enjoyable though and bubs is moving around like a circus contortionist - nice to see - not nice to photograph so not many cute pictures to share. We do have 2 cute one's of poppy's feet though - enjoy.

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