Monday 15 June 2009


I'm very sad and you are the only people available to pour my heart out to. My husband is at squash and my mum is in bed so I'm here all alone with a bad case of the blues. On the weekend Rob and I put an offer on a beautiful house in Joondalup - it's almost our dream house - definitely our dream within the budget house. Anyway we had an offer accepted subject to the sale of our house. We have spent the last 2 days scrubbing our house into tip top shape to go on the market this weekend. Tonight the agent came to sign the paperwork for our sale and he informed me that another offer on "our" house in Joondalup had come in and the owners had invoked the 48 hour clause. That means we now have until 8.15pm Wednesday night to make our offer unconditional or the rich investors get to buy our new family home. Obviously we cannot buy the new house without selling ours first so that my friends is the end of that dream. I'm really sad - we absolutely loved the new house and although we said to ourselves that we would leave it in the hands of fate - right now I can't believe that there is ever going to be another house we'll love so much.

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  1. Oh poop! That happened to David and I too, but as that old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. I'm sure the reason you didn't get it is because there's a place even more perfect for you guys, and it's waiting just for you. Don't give up hope on 'your' house just yet - the other offer may fall in a heap - stranger things have should know that with all your years as a settlement agent!!! Good luck guys. Sandra xx


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