Monday, 29 June 2009

Good Bye Olivia

Well Olivia has gone home today and we are certainly going to miss her. We have all thoroughly enjoyed having her visit and Noah especially has had a wonderful 5 days. Poor Olivia will be glad of the break from Noah - I think it was quite an adjustment for an only child to be constantly followed and harassed by a very inquisitive and somewhat relentless baby.

She was absolutely amazing to have been so good without her Mummy and Daddy for 5 days - in fact when they picked her up today she promptly informed us all she was coming back to stay again in 2 days time.

We got up to lots of fun activities while Livvy was visiting but the best of all was our trip to the State Library yesterday. Any of you that have kids should absolutely get them along there. It's free of course but it has such great facilities for kids of all ages. The whole mezzanine level is dedicated to kids and there is dress-ups and hand puppets and colouring in plus tents and toys and of course hundreds of great kids books. There is even a gallery of original artwork from kids books. We went on the train (my new favourite way to travel -$9 for the whole family all day - bargain) and spent quite a few hours enjoying the library. Especially a great day out on rainy days and I think there's special activities during the school holidays as well - all free.

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