Monday, 22 November 2010

At My House: Christmas Craft

As usual I have a hundred ideas of things to do for Christmas (crafting, baking, home decorating) and the time is flying by too fast.  I usually start planing and thinking about Christmas really early and then I'm in this oblivion that I still have plenty of time then all of a sudden it's here and I've run out of time.

This year I am trying to break that cycle so today I have 'made' some of my table decorations and they are ready to go.

Aren't they fun?? It's a bit tricky to see but there is a little glass tea light holder in the top. I'm doing our whole table in a red and lime green theme and our tree will be the same.  This idea is from Better Homes and Gardens magazine and took me about 20 minutes this afternoon while Noah was sleeping.  (Of course I had already purchased my bits and pieces from Spotlight and Bunnings).

Tomorrow I'm working on some beautiful outdoor fairy light balls - pop back if you're interested.


  1. What a brilliant idea . I only flicked quickly through the Bh & G mag was it the Dec or Christmas #13 one ?
    They will look fabulous.

  2. Hi Trish

    Thanks for stopping in. It's on page 80 of the Christmas Issue (the one with the free christmas wrapping paper). I'm totally copying the whole table - love it.

  3. They look great. I am all for easy, simple, looks fantastic sort of things! I am intrigued as to what the coloured 'stones' are though. Great idea to start early - you never know what kids will throw at you at the last minute.

    Thanks for having us at your house. Lou.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. The pebbles are from the gardening section of Bunnings and they come in loads of different colours - I can see this idea being used in many colour schemes. Black and orange for halloween, pastel colours for easter. They are about $4 a bag and I used 1 bag of each colour to do my 4 vases (about 15cm high)

  5. Very funky!

    And I completed know what you mean. I am going for a 95% handmade Christmas this year and I am already panicking about timelines!

    (Dad has requested some DVD's so he is ruining my handmade stats!)


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