Thursday 11 November 2010

Project Spring Clean

I've started on my mission to clean, tidy and organise every corner of my house.

Today's tasks were the First Aid kit and the pantry.

Here is a before picture of all the medicine and first aid stuff gathered from different places around the house.

Now here it is all sorted and in pretty containers

We have a lot of medicines in our house but we really do need them all. The white box front right is Noah's - it has his spacer and ventolin (asthma), nail clippers, thermometer, ear drops plus band aids and any bits needed for cleaning up cuts and scrapes (antiseptic cream, steri strips, bandages) One of the red ones is all of our 'kid' medicines - panadol, cough medicine etc.  The second red one is extra bandages, band aids etc.  the white box back left is adult medicine - panadol, antihistamine, gastro medicine, cold and flu etc. The red tub is our vitamins and medicines which we take every morning - I'm gonna keep this one on the bench.

It's all stored together now on the top shelf of the pantry which means that we have an extra shelf free in the bathroom for when I get in there and re-organise.  Also it's all out of Noah's reach as he gets to that age where he might explore and think he's found a yummy treat (why do they make medicine look so similar to lollies??)

Our pantry is always full to the brim.  We only have small kitchen so the pantry doubles as general storage.  The entire bottom shelf is tupperware type stuff.  The middle 2 shelves are where the food is.  Top shelf is now holding all the first aid (right hand side) and the left is all my cake decorating/baking supplies.

I'm pretty confident that these new systems are going to last and help keep things more organised.

How is your pantry looking?  When was the last time you checked expiry dates on all the medication you're storing??

By the way - if you've spotted the very el cheapo cask wine and the bottle of sherry - they're for cooking - I swear!!

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