Friday, 26 November 2010

It's the Final Countdown

Did you used to get those Advent Calendars with the chocolate behind every door when you were a kid??  I sure did and it was so much fun.  My sisters and I would hang out to open that little door and prise the choccy out - usually before breakfast.

Being that Noah is only 2 and also that we try to keep chocolate and sweets limited to parties and special occasions I wanted an Advent Calendar that I could fill with different non food related goodies.  There are so many great ideas to make your own.
How cute is this one

If you're really keen - check this one out - good if you've got a woodworker in the family

There also seems to be a trend in the shops for ones that you can fill yourself.  I saw some cute ones in Spotlight and Myer.

Last year in the post Christmas sales I bought one that is a felt Nativity scene and each day you receive another piece to make the scene until Christmas Eve you have the whole picture.  Although I love it and we have been trying to teach Noah about the real story of Christmas I think he'll do better with that one next year.

So eventually I put together ideas from a couple of places to come up with my 2010 Advent Calendar.

Do you like it??

It was ridiculously easy to make and relatively cheap.  I ordered some circles/cupcake toppers from Etsy and asked for them to be sized up - Cost $6.  I already had a lot of these IKEA magnetic spice jars so I only had to add a 'few' extra to complete my project.  The tins are about 3.5 inches which is a good size for a variety of treats - downside is it takes up half of the fridge!   The IKEA jars are not particularly cheap but they are easy to locate.  If I had of got more organised I may have sourced some smaller and cheaper ones.  The bonus is after Christmas you just peel off the circles and the jars can be used for something else the rest of the year.  You can also use different graphics each year for only a few dollars and you get a new look every time.  Big kids could even draw and number a set of circles themselves.

As far as filling the jars goes I've mostly found bits and pieces from around the house. I've got some party blowers, balloons, stickers, bubbles and bouncy balls that were left over when I made the loot bags for Noah's birthday.  I will put in a couple of food items and I think some inexpensive toy cars and trinkets will finish it off.

When he's older I like the idea of filling it with activity coupons instead of things.  Something like - today we will go to the park, do some finger painting, visit Santa, tour the Christmas lights, stay up late and watch a movie.

I'm getting so excited about Christmas and absolutely loving that Noah is at the right age to join in the fun.  Can't wait to start the countdown on Wednesday!!


  1. That looks absolutely fantastic Kristy I love this idea : )

  2. that is so cute i love it's by the fridge.
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  3. Very cute! My son would love this! Ikea is the best :) Would love for you to visit me and link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty!

  4. Absolutely fantastic Kristy! I love it and have added a link to my post.

    Love Kelly

  5. What a gorgeous and simple idea - so effective!

  6. So Clever to put it on the fridge! Great idea.


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