Friday, 25 May 2007

19 Week Anatomy Scan

Here is the latest scan which we had on Tuesday May 22nd. It was wonderful to see the baby starting to develop into a real little person. The sonographer had a bit of a rough time because our little one was in an awkward position for what she needed to do and refused to move no matter how much she poked and prodded. Looks like we might have a stubborn baby on our hands!! Everything was perfectly as it should be and the baby was giving us a little show opening and closing it's fists and busily drinking through the whole scan.

We're all doing really well and look forward to keeping you up to date with future installments.


  1. robbie had a great time with you at pammys 60th. love bri

  2. hullo jellybean I can't wait to cuddle you love nanna

  3. Hello Jelly Bean, Can't wait to meet you xx Jess


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