Monday, 23 March 2009

8 Months Old

Dear Noah

Today you are 8 months old - unbelievable. I keep hearing myself trotting out all the old cliches - 'Where did the time go?' telling new mums to 'enjoy every minute because the time flies by' etc etc but they're all so true. I remember when you were giving Daddy and I so much trouble in those first 3-4 months and every day felt like a week. Everyone said to us we would look back and it would seem so insignificant and they were right.

These days you are so happy and smiley and an absolute delight to everyone who knows you. Our lives are truly better for having you in them. I am getting tears in my eyes just writing this now and thinking about you reading this silly old blog when you're a big boy. Pretty much today your 2 front teeth have broken through. It may have been yesterday but you are so damn hard to hold down to get a good look. Definitely today the top left can be felt when I run my fingers over your gum and the right one is there too. In fact it looks like all four top ones may come through together. One thing's for sure you will have your bunny teeth in time for Easter!!

You started sitting all by yourself just under three weeks ago and you have almost mastered the art of crawling. You took four good moves on Saturday (at a funeral of all places) and that is your record. You can stand so strong on your legs we wouldn't be surprised if you were standing and walking holding onto the furniture very soon.

Every day you are just so much fun and Daddy and I just can't get enough of you. We're almost sad when it's your bed time (I said almost!!).

You are developing a love of books and a real curiosity in the world around you. Mostly you love people and a good crowd can keep you happy and entertained for hours. Daddy and I drag you everywhere with us - you've been to concerts on the beach and in the park, funerals, engagement parties and Daddy has even played lawn bowls with you in the Baby Bjorn.

You are such a social butterfly and especially love all the kids that are in the house every day. You watch Declan and Reuben with absolute delight as they run around and you and Ivy are just the best of friends and if I leave the two of you sitting on the rug I often come back to find you are cuddling or kissing - soooo cute.

You adore the water and we try to take you to the pool and or the beach several times a week as well as your weekly swimming lesson. For ages you were happy to just relax in the water but now you are a kicking splashing maniac.

This week you have made your first attempts at waving and two weeks ago you started saying Dada or Daddy. At first you said it around the clock so impressed with your new word/sound but we haven't heard it for a while - maybe you're saving your voice ready to say mummy!!

I got a new camera a couple of weeks ago and I've taken one thousand photos (that's not an exaggeration) of you in under 3 weeks - I can't help myself you're just so gorgeous and perfect.

Happy 8 months Noah, Love Mummy


  1. Hullo Our Darling little Noah,
    The Nanna and the Poppy have just read your Mummy's blog and looked at your beautiful photos.

    Happy eight months old gorgeous boy!!!!!!

    You have no idea how much joy you give us all. Your Mum and Dad are so wonderful and love you so much
    enjoying all the milestones and all your cuteness and your little Noah ways. The way you go all shy
    and cuddly when you are greeted, the huge smiles that follow,the to die for dimples and that infectious and crazy laugh that has everyone smiling and laughing with you.
    You are such good medicine in the troubled times the world is facing at this time. When you are older you will hear all about the Global Financial Crisis that is currently causing pain to many people in many countries throughout the world and your Mum and Dad will tell you how excited and proud they were when the first african american was elected to be the President of America. During these
    troubled and historically significant times we have had you to remind us that the love we all share with you is the most important thing of all.
    WE cant wait to see your Bugs Bunny Teeth in time for Easter and we can really sympathise with how sore your mouth is at the moment cos we love you so much our teeth hurt too!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  2. Love the pics Kirsty! He is such a beautiful boy. You are doing well with your new camera.
    Love to you all.
    xxx Sandy


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