Sunday, 31 July 2011

Disney or Bust

A quick report from Disneyland. First of all we made it. After a harrowing wait on standby with about 15 other people we were called to be checked in almost 15 minutes after the flight should have departed!! On the plane we were all seated separately around the plane but after Noah's 'chit chat' through takeoff the friendly passengers seated around him were more than happy to give up their seats To Mummy and Daddy (hehe).

The jet lag has been pretty horrendous. Firstly Rob did the midnight horror from Perth so he was down one nights sleep before we even started the long haul sector. Noah slept a little bit on the plane but by the time we arrived at LAX it was midnight Sydney time and without a hotel room to check in to we all had to soldier on. If you're keeping count Rob was now into his second night with almost zero sleep and Noah and I were a night down too. We are all slowly catching up.

Disneyland has been beyond amazing. Even though I've been several times before seeing it through Noah's eyes it's like the first time all over again. Noah calls it 'the real movie' and is in a constant state of awe and excitement. He rode his first roller coaster today after barely making the height requirement (tippy toes) and loved it.

So many adventures to be reported and pictures to be shared soon.

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  1. I can't believe I missed this... we're planning to take our girls to Disneyland when the youngest is 5 so I'll be stalking, ermm, i mean... following your posts closely! lol.


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