Thursday, 21 July 2011


In two days it will be Noah's third birthday. In that 3 years we have taken literally thousands of photos (on our recent 3 day camping trip alone we took over 300). Even though I failed miserably at my 365 photo project (This was my one and only entry) I still do try to capture something almost daily.

In this day of digital images the photo album is all but a relic of history.  We had vowed to make a photobook each year for Noah but so far we have racked up an IOU of - ahem - three.  Rob made me one as a wedding present documenting out life together up to that day and is such a treasure to me I do want Noah to have that too.  

The one thing I have got of course is this blog which is a great way to share photos and document fleeting moments in our lives that may otherwise sit unlooked at  and even forgotten.  The other small thing I have done is these magnets below which I have sent to family and friends each year with the birthday thank you cards.  I am not very tech savvy at all.  All my photos come as is - I do not know how to use Photoshop and I have never really done much of anything with my pictures but I am glad I took the time to do these.  I made them on Vistaprint using a template and once the pictures were chosen it was super easy.

I didn't plan on doing one this year I thought the first two were enough.  I also had this crazy thought that the changes from 2 year old to 3 old would not be as pronounced as the previous 2 years - I was so wrong. I am glad I've done number three due to some friendly requests (I thought people might find it a bit over the top but apparently they love getting them).  

Sitting and looking back at the year of photos yesterday in itself was such an enjoyable experience.  Then seeing my little boy turn into a child (no longer even a toddler I don't think) through those pictures was such an excellent reminder to savour every moment, every stage of his precious life.

If it's even possible here are the 21 pictures that best represent the first 3 years of Noah's life.

Each one starts with the earliest picture top left then goes clockwise until the most recent picture in the centre.


  1. What a gorgeous idea.
    Noah is adorable.
    WE made movie maker video using a collection of photos and added music. I am not so creative to scrapbook -either digitally or for real .

  2. Wonderful post, excellent idea!
    Your little guy is so adorable. :)

  3. These are great! I did the same thing as Trish, with a montage of photos from the year for Tricky's first birthday.
    And I love love love that giraffe photo!!!


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