Friday 17 December 2010

Dining Table Display and FREE Subway Art Printable

Have you noticed that around the web Subway Art type signs have become the 'art de jour'.  I couldn't resist getting involved but I noticed that it was mostly clever mummy bloggers from the northern hemisphere that were creating them so the wording did not suit a summer Christmas.

In came the gorgeous Jessica at Craftily Ever After.  I contacted her and explained my situation - ie hot beach days not snowflakes and wood fires and for $5 she re-jigged (I'm positive that's not a word but hey) it for us folks down under.  She was also very generous and said I could share it with you all with no strings attached.  I do think it would be nice to follow her blog (and mine) though just to spread the love.  Anyhow if you would like a copy of this print for yourself just leave a comment with your email and I'll forward you the file.  I've displayed mine in a $15 frame from IKEA and it looks pretty awesome even if I do say so myself.

Just so you know (not to make you jealous you understand but just for information purposes!!!) I am off to Bali for the weekend with my sister sans husband and child.  The point being that I will send the file when I return after the weekend.  A bit last minute for this Christmas but you'll be all ready for next year.

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    Am I still able to get a copy of this?
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