Tuesday 7 December 2010

18 sleeps to go

Geez it's really hard to find time to blog amongst all the Christmas preparations.  This time of year is soooo busy no matter how organised you think you are.  Most of my shopping and wrapping is done but there are always last minute bits and pieces.  It's not just that side of things though - there are so many social outings.  We have something on in the evening every day this week.

I have just had a lovely meal with my playgroup mums - it is so nice to have a chance to catch up without toddlers interrupting constantly.  I definitely think us mums need to make sure we do things for ourselves no matter how big or small.  I have a friend with a boy the same age as Noah but we have been tending to catch up a bit lately on our 'kid free' days and it is a pleasure to rediscover your friendship outside of being mums.

My spring cleaning spree is not moving along as well as I had hoped.  The garage door has been installed but as yet there is no shelving (hint to husband) so everything is just in there in a big messy pile.  I'm really hoping to get all the main things done before my Kids Christmas Party which I am hosting on Monday.  My goal is to have those last 2 weeks leading up to Christmas for relaxation and hopefully some extra sleep.  I used to nap a couple of times a week while Noah had his day sleep but nowadays I'm using every spare minute he's asleep to get things done.

On that note my December vow is so far being perfectly executed.  I have been doing lots of playing, painting, crafting with Noah and I have not been 'too busy' for him even one time.

How are your plans for Christmas coming along???  Do you ever think it's all a waste of time and money for just 1 day or do you love it???

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