Friday 1 October 2010

'Noah do it'

Can there be such a thing as too much independence??

I have always been very patient with Noah and allowed him to try everything. I never just do things for him without using at as a lesson.  I talk to him about everything that goes on in our day.  I show him how to do everything for himself. Maybe he would have been crazy independent anyway, maybe I've made a rod for my own back.  The kid is mad about doing everything for himself.  You name it - shoes on and off, unlocking the front door, putting his seat belt on, washing his own dishes, making his own breakfast, fill his own water bottle - the list goes on and on and on.

It's awesome - I'm proud of him - but all this 'doing it himself' is a slow process and sometimes I'm in a hurry.

How can I rush him when he's trying so hard to do all the things I've taught him. I can't possibly discourage this wonderful independence and ability.  I need to find a balance - a way to get him to understand that sometimes Mummy needs to help - any attempts at helping currently result in a tantrum - love those.

Bring on 3 - it's all smooth sailing from there - right???!!

The one thing he won't do is spoon feed himself and that would actually really help me out!!! (This is a story for another day)

What's happening at your house - are the kids taking charge or are you a servant to their every need?

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  1. My boy goes through ups and downs with this. One day, he's feeding himself completely, and the next he still wants us to do some.

  2. Mr3 still drives me nuts with the spoon feeding. He's happy to use a fork, but not a spoon. It's all one step forward, two steps back, until one day they just get on with it. I just hope that happens soon.

  3. My 3yo is very independent, and sometimes that's great, sometimes it sucks when I'm trying to get out the house in a hurry and he insists on putting his own shoes on.

    But all in all, I think independence is a good thing. But absolutely hear ya on how frustrating it can be!

  4. Oh you have my sympathies! To answer your question: right now it's both... I am a slave and am having to cater to the ever-present independence. It's confusing!

  5. I find it such a challenge being patient when we are in a rush to go somewhere and one of my kids is doing exactly what I have taught them to do - carefully putting shoes on, trying to find a hat or washing their hands etc. I feel like I am stuck in the middle - half of them are trying to take charge and the other half I am busy filling every need....great thoughts in this post...thanks for linking up!

  6. so many stages of childhood. We definitely need to be able to read minds sometimes

  7. our son's were clearly separated at birth. Millar is exactly the same - wants to do everything except spoonfeed himself his weetbix. until recently. We now have a sticker chart on the fridge and he gets a sticker when he feeds himself breakfast. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes of him screaming and me refusing before he does it though.

    I am happy to let him do most things himself but doing up his own seatbelt is a nightmare. Distraction sometimes works like "can you hold mummy's keys please" but other times I just have to wait patiently while he tries.

    He's 2 and a half. I've heard 3 is even worse, but maybe with practice our kids will be doing things faster by then. If I could get the seatbelt thing to under 5 mins I'd be a happy woman.

  8. Thanks everyone for dropping by today. Great to see I'm not the only one struggling with the balance of power with a headstrong toddler. It's all part of the 'fun' I guess.


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