Thursday, 21 October 2010

Farewell Sweet Friend

I am mourning the loss of one of my best friends.  Although we have only known each other since March last year we had become inseparable.  She has been a loyal friend who has literally been by my side every day over the last 19 months.  Her view of the world improved mine. She changed the way I saw my life and she helped me create wonderful memories I will always treasure.  I am hoping to replace her very soon.

Please everyone bow your heads and take a moment to pay respect to my beloved Nikon DLSR.

I am lost without you dear friend - RIP.


  1. I tripped over the cord while downloading my photos on Saturday night and she seems to be completely dead. I am sending her off under false pretenses to the warranty people. "Gee - I don't know it just wouldn't turn on. Very mysterious indeed etc etc" I am hoping they won't find evidence of my abuse.

  2. OOPS! Hope you get a new one soon!


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