Friday 8 October 2010

Happy as a pig in ........

Being a SAHM (stay at home mum for those of you playing at home)  makes me as happy as - well I think you get  the idea.

It really was the only thing I ever wanted to do.  I flirted with the notion of being an interior designer until I found out it involved tech drawing - I thought it would be a lot of swanning around popping cushions on couches and telling people what pretty colour to paint their walls.  I also had the bug to be an air hostess (back in the day before they were called 'flight attendants' and no-one was too offended by the term trolley dolly).  However it was also in the day when it was OK to discriminate against short brunette girls in the favour of leggy blondes so my 165cm didn't make the grade.

After school I fell in to a junior position at a settlement agency and went on to study and move may way up.  I worked for 4 years in various agencies before the travel bug bit.  I've worked as a sales manager at Telstra (I think everyone has worked at Telstra at some stage).  I've worked in my family's cafe and my last job was for Customs scrounging through peoples dirty undies in the name of 'Protecting the Border'.

I've worked hard and given each job my best when I did it but really the whole time I was just killing time until my current job came along.  This is it - this is the job I'm best at and the job I love the most.

You can imagine the horror of the school careers counsellor when I stated my goal job as wife and mother.  Very inappropriate in the girl-power 80's.  If I remember correctly I actually got into trouble.  I was basically told that it wasn't a valid career choice.  For me it ticked all boxes.  I love cooking, cleaning, crafting and most of all kids.

I've always been every one's babysitter and I worked all through high school babysitting.  During my overseas travels I worked as a nanny and once I left the corporate world nannying was the job I fell straight back to.  While I had no children of my own it was the closest I could get to my true passion.

I'm an impatient person but when I'm with kids I'm different.  I can be so patient in the most trying of situations if it involves a child - it's a constant source of amazement to my husband (who is regularly the brunt of my impatience).  I adore children.  I love watching them learn and figure things out. I love their quirky ways.

Having Noah and being blessed with the opportunity to be with him every day is literally a dream come true.  Please don't get me wrong it is not all rainbows and butterflies.  It is so challenging and so much harder than I could have imagined.  It's also more rewarding than I ever could have realised.  It's bloody hard work but I love it.

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