Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Blogtoberfest Fail!!

Oh no I missed 3 days in my daily blogging challenge but this is still post number 13 and it's only the 12th day of the month so really I'm doing quite well.

We had a lovely weekend with plenty of sunshine and also some rain which is always a blessing.  We managed an early morning trip to the beach to play in the sand (too cold to swim yet), we spent time relaxing at home, we were fed a delicious pork roast with home grown vegies and we frolicked with fairies in Kings Park.  A perfect balance of fun and relaxation.

This week we have been struck with some minor illness again. Noah has yet another cold and I have hurt my back and have some kind of funky eye thing which my husband quite charmingly likes to refer to as 'pig eye'. Please spring and summer bring your magic wand of health and wave it over us all.

Yesterday I had a blissful day of one on one time with my gorgeous friend Danni.  It is absolutely the first time we have been together without one of our children.  We shopped and got pedicures and gossiped then we had a beautiful lunch overlooking the ocean.  Danni is on the two week countdown till her second baby arrives so she was in much need of some pampering.  We were both amazed at how refreshing it felt to take that time for ourselves.

Today Noah and I are having a chilled out day at home - we might do some crafting but other than that we have no plans - what a change.  Tomorrow he's starting a new little class called messy masterpieces so we're looking forward to that.

How was your weekend? What is happening this week at your house??

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  1. Hey Kirst! Just wanted to say keep up with the blogtoberfest! I'm really enjoying reading your blogs and keeping up with what's happening in your life. So even though it's been ages I know what's been going on with you. Just sending some love your way. Kylie xo


Hi thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It is nice to know someone is listening.


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