Thursday 28 October 2010

False Start

This is where we should be headed right now but the ferry company just called and cancelled our 10.30am ferry.  Due to bad weather it has been rescheduled until 3.00pm.  We will get there today but just a few hours later than expected.

Rottnest is a beautiful island about a 45 minute ferry ride from Perth.

(The first Europeans took up residence on Rottnest Island shortly after the first settlement of the Swan River Colony was established in 1829. Rottnest Island was considered to be of interest as a place with potential for salt harvesting, farming and fishing.  Ten Aboriginal prisoners were brought to the Island in August 1838. After a short period when both settlers and prisoners occupied the Island, the Colonial Secretary announced in June 1839 that the Island would become a penal establishment for Aboriginal people.)

Nowadays it is a tourist island through and through.  There are only no vehicles on the island (except those used to manage it) so families take their bikes and cycling is the way to get around.

As kids my husband and I both spent loads of family time on the island (separately of course) and are looking forward to this first family trip being the start of many years of tradition.

This is how we plan to spend our time

I, of course, will be looking just like this!
We will, no doubt, see loads of these little fellows

and hopefully some of these.

Mostly we will be relaxing and Noah will be playing with all his friends while we catch up with our friends and family and I recover from surgery.

Great start to summer for us.

What do you have planned for the weekend??


  1. Looks a very relaxing place.

    I'm a fellow blogtoberfest participant and first timer to your blog. Still trying to get to all of the blogs. Great way to find new blogs. Would love you to visit mine

    I have giveaway up - comment on any post- the more posts you comment on the more entries you get.



  2. i used to LOVE rotto as a kid, i have not been in years though.

    i will have to plan a visit soon, we are down in margaret river....

    fantastic photos!

    gill xo

  3. Hello from a fellow Perth gal!

    I have so many fantastic memories of Rottnest. My mum goes every year and takes more wine than clothes... that sounds a lot more suss than it actually is.

  4. Hiya! Another Perthite here too :-) LOVE Rottnest will have to go again soon.


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