Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kids and Food

I recently read this post over at Life in a Pink Fibro - which was not only a little giggle at the absurdity of Junior Masterchef but raised the issue of getting kids to eat.

I know for a fact that this problem is not new - my mum will tell you that my sister would only eat vegemite sandwiches for years.  My dad often reminds me of words that apparently were common from my mouth 'If I'm hungry I'll eat' (Ironic now - as an adult with a weight problem and a penchant for eating come rain, hail or shine!).

We struggle here with a 2 year old that is completely disinterested in food.  If he's hungry which is rare - he will eat anything - he's not a fussy eater but quantity is our problem.

He's fit and healthy but definitely a slim kid - not skinny or scrawny just slim.  They say that a child will not starve themselves and I believe that.  Is he perhaps eating just right and it's my attitudes to food that are wrong.

When we sit at the table for a meal he is up and down off his chair a hundred times.  Even when his favourite cousins or friends are sitting eating he's still the same.

We start every day with 2 weetbix and a banana but that is really the only full meal eaten each day. I spoon feed to make sure it gets eaten.  If I leave him to his own devices 2 maybe 3 spoonfuls will make it in before he wanders off.  Lunch might be a cube of cheese, a nibble of ham and a couple of crackers. Dinner is a complete non-event.

We don't give him any 'bad' food but we do allow him to eat what's on offer at parties and even then he's not overly interested.

I don't actually get stressed about it - we have taken the approach that he will eat when he's hungry.  We offer him varied and healthy options and we wait.

Sometimes I think people are judging me for not being more forceful about it.

What are your kids eating?  How are you handling these challenges? Give me your advice?

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  1. My little boy is very similar. Some days he eats heaps and other's very little. If he doesn't want to eat we don't push it and if he asks for something to eat (and its not just before dinner) we give it to him. I know he's really not hungry when I can't entice him with any of his favourite foods. Some days he surprises us by eating something he's always refused. This week he started asking for cheese.


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